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Path of Exile's 2019 Expansion - Synthesis is Live

Path of Exile's 2019 Expansion - Synthesis is Live

Posted time: Mar 12,2019


GrindingGear Games have announced that the 2019 first expansion pack for Path of Exile has been launched for PC and it will also be available for Xbox One and PS4 later this month.

Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Game, commented on the launch of Synthesis by saying that 2019 is expected to be the biggest year in the history of Path of Exile! Big words coming from a very talented leader of an extremely talented group of developers. In 2018, after their Betrayal expansion pack, the game saw an increase of 26% in playtime. We believe that the developers will be hoping for nothing less than that this year.

In the expansion pack, we see a new storyline where the players will meet with Cavas and help him recover some lost memories by actual fighting through them. If they can connect these memories, they can get some very valuable rewards, crafting pieces and some really cool boss fights. The expansion pack means some new features, including new spells and new spellcasting archetypes which are Holy and Chaos casters.

The wide range of new features released in the new extension gives players the opportunity to test their skills and playstyles in many areas, here we listed them below briefly:

  • A new economy and mechanics the Synthesis Challenge League is something for both new and old players to get involved in.
  • A new NPC called Cavas, as explained above interact with him and try and chain his memories together for some great new rewards and opportunities.
  • Combine those memories and gain access to new areas to get some fantastic new loot and other great boss fights.
  • Players can find fractured items in some of Cavas' memories where some rare items are that has locked in properties.
  • Upon finding those fractured items they can combine them to create synthesized items, they're of course extremely powerful by allowing you to lock in the properties of the fractured items.
  • Betrayal League is being integrated into the core game.
  • Balance changes in regards to hand-casting spells.
  • Brand new Chaos and Holy caster archetypes.
  • 14 brand new gems for you to get to grips with and equip your characters with.
  • Even with the new fractured and synthesized items there are 16 new unique items and 16 divination cards designed for you to collect and use.
  • End game maps have been updated with new hideouts for you to discover!

There have been a lot of changes in the brand new expansion pack of the Path of Exiles, and developers have been working hard, so if you want to get back to play the game or want go to start the game, now it is the best time to do so! The game is absolutely free to play! And you can buy the cheapest poe currency and poe items online at igxe.com.


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