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Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 Update is Unlocked as New Skin Location

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 Update is Unlocked as New Skin Location

Posted time: Feb 18,2019


Fortnite ’s Prisoner Skin which features four cosmetic stages that can be unlocked by performing specific tasks at certain locations around the Battle Royale map, went live a few weeks ago. The Fortnite Prisoner is now getting into stage 4, which means that fans can now unlock the new skin designs. Below is how to find the Prisoner stage 4 location.

Epic Games is bringing the end of their final Season 7 challenges. And How to unlock the Fortnite Prisoner stage 4 skin has been an ongoing task, starting with hunting down and completing all parts of the Snowfall challenge.

After unlocking the Prisoner skins, fans had to figure out how to complete each stage with four designs available, and most of them include visiting special locations while wearing the skin in Battle Royale mode.

Epic Games has finally added the space needed to unlock the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 outfit. Like other unique outfits, the Snowfall skin can be evolved over time, and stage 4 is considered as the final design. So here is how and where to unlock Prisoner Skin Stage 4.

The Prisoner Skin Stage 4 Location

The recent earthquakes on the map has created a new location. These started around Dusty Divot and eventually began to form cracks in the earth near the Tomato Temple.

Now, players need to go to a hill in the northeastern part of the map, not far from the edge of the cliff. The final Fortnite Prisoner stage 4 location can be found in the 2-I map coordinates, which should be easily found from the air.

The new site comes complete with ritual firepots and stone slabs, and does not seem to warrant any huge tasks. Players only need to enter the pot circle and wait for a while, the fires should spark up around, and you should finally unlock the stage 4 skin.

This final phase started on Saturday and should be held until the end of Season 7. That means anyone who tries to catch up and complete each stage still has time to complete the final design.

There is always the chance for Epic Games to have a secret stage 5 worked out for the final week. However, so far, data miners have not found any evidence that Epic has something like that plan. We should  learn more about the Season 7 ending next week when a new update is released.

Fortnite Season 8 will be launched on February 28th, when Fortnite Season 7 ends. Gamers can buy fortnite items and complete the challenges now!

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