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Fortnite: Best Ways to Complete the Ranged Ice Fiends and Golden Ice Brutes Challenges

Fortnite: Best Ways to Complete the Ranged Ice Fiends and Golden Ice Brutes Challenges

Posted time: Jan 25,2019


These two challenges, which are the sixth and seventh of the Ice Storm event, require players to destroy 150 Ranged Ice Fiends and 20 Golden Ice Brutes.

Of course, these creatures belong to the Ice Legion, which is made up of a variety of different zombie-like creatures that are spawn in on the map and attempt to inflict damage to players.

A powerful weapon of choice for dealing with the Ice Legion creatures is the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, which has an unlimited amount of ammunition and has been added to the map specifically to help fight these monsters.

Another good option is to use a Mounted Turret that is placed in front of the place where they spawn, or to using Assault Rifles, Pistols, or Explosive Weapons, as causing damage with those will simultaneously gain progress in some of the other challenges.

As for where to find these creatures, the Ranged Ice Fiends usually spawn near the Ice Shards that can be found sticking out of the ground.

Make sure you don't confuse these with the regular Ice Fiends because the Ranged ones are taller, having glowing heads and torsos, and can launch a deadly snowball attack from a distance.

Dealing with Golden Ice Brutes can be a little more difficult and time consuming because they tend to be produced later in the game, have a lot more health than other fiends, and can cause a lot of damage.

A good strategy for accomplishing this challenge is to play the game conservatively until the middle phases of the game, then visit the Ice Shard to try to get a Brute to spawn in.

If it takes a long time for a Brute to appear, it's best to just leave to another Ice Shard to save time and try to get as many as possible before it becomes too difficult.

You can also get enough Fortnite Weapons or other game items to help you better complete these challenges!

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