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The Elder Scrolls Online:Update 21 Adds New Weapon Outfit Styles for Battlegrounds Teams

The Elder Scrolls Online:Update 21 Adds New Weapon Outfit Styles for Battlegrounds Teams

Posted time: Jan 25,2019


The first game update for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2019 will be the "Update 21", which promises to add a new set of content and improvements to the popular MMO. ZeniMax Online Studios has recently published a preview for The Elder Scrolls Online Update 21on the official website of the game, and revealed that it will be launching very soon along with the Wrathstone DLC - the first DLC dungeon pack of the Season of the Dragon.

What Features in The Elder Scrolls Online Update 21?

ZeniMax has not yet revealed the release date, or even a release month for the Wrathstone DLC or The Elder Scrolls: Online Update 21. However, the preview does indicate that they are "coming soon." The Elsweyr Chapter DLC is scheduled to launch in June as part 2 of the 4 planned Season of the Dragon DLC releases, so Wrathstone is likely to be released in the coming months. Wrathstone is bringing two large new group dungeons to the game. However, the free Update 21 will also bring a lot of new content of its own.

First, Update 21 will bring some changes to PvP. The biggest of these is a new Battleground - the addition Eld Angvar. This PvP arena is set somewhere between realms and features floating platforms and other strangeness. The update will also be bringing a set of new PvP rewards. These include three new weapon Outfit Styles to match the Pit Daemons, Stormlords, and Firedrakes Battlegrounds teams, as well as the Elinhir Arena Lion pet.

Another key feature of Update 21 is the addition of the Zone Guide system. This will be available in the Group and Activity Finder or the game map. This system will allow you to see your progress in different zones of Tamriel. You can also use the Zone Guide to track a variety of activities, including Wayshrines, Skyshards, Zone Story Quests and more. “With this new system,” ZeniMaxsaid, “everybody that enters Tamriel can easily find their next adventure or help them finally 100% complete a zone.”

In addition to a series of general fixes and tweaks, Update 21 also brings two more key features. The first one is the Guild Trader UI, which will allow you to search by item name, go back and look at your past searches, and see the price of the items listed in each unit. In general, ZeniMax hopes that it will make the trader UI - “much more user-friendly.” Moreover, Update 21 is bringing some major changes to the Racial Passive Abilities. These are designed to make the abilities synergise better with more playstyles.

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