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How to Level Your Blue Mage fast in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Level Your Blue Mage fast in Final Fantasy XIV

Posted time: Jan 21,2019


This week, Final Fantasy XIV has released the first limited job - the Blue Mage for the game.To say the least, popular MMORPG players have differences in the "limited job" system. The development team chose to make it a special experience for players rather than the whole class, mainly because it could not adapt to any of the three ideal characters: tank, DPS, healer.

That being said, players still have the opportunity to take on the highly requested class, and now it seems that we have a special exploit that allows you to quickly level up the Blue Mage.

It was releaved on TwinInfinite.net that there is a very simple way to get your Blue Master to reach that level cap. The FFXIV development team thenselves addressed the exploit in the Lodestone.

Essentially, if a player kills a monster in one hit and immediately switches jobs, then for Blue Mage, that job will gain experience from that kill.

That in itself is not a trick to destroy the game, because the development team said in the report that it has no "significant effect." However, the Blue Mage gaines more experience than other jobs because of its game style and being a limited job.

Because the Blue Mage is designed to get more EXP than other jobs, this issue has recently become more apparent and has concerned many players. This issue should be resolved before the implementation of Blue Mage, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

They continued to say that it would require them to change the core structure of the EXP gain in the game, so this will not be something easily adjusted in a small patch or a hotfix. Therefore, they will not be able to resolve it until Patch 5.0, called Shadowbringers.

Take advantage of this trick before it's too late on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows! if you like to play the Blue Mage job in FFXIV. You can also get the cheapest ffxiv gil online first before you log in the game to get a good game experience!

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