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The First Bunny Person of Final Fantasy XIV - Fran

The First Bunny Person of Final Fantasy XIV - Fran

Posted time: Jan 14,2019


In this summer's Shadowbringers expansion, Ivalice's resident rabbit people will come to Final Fantasy XIV as a playable race. Who is better to act as an early ambassador of the race than the most famous Viera of them all, Final Fantasy XII's Fran?

Fran appeared in the latest part of the final fantasy XIV's ongoing raid event, Return to Ivalice, which mixes the elements from the two games set in the titular fantasy world, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics. Fran is a general of the Dalmascan faction known as Lente's Tears, named after the Viera artifact, which was factored into the FFXII's story. As high-level players seek their way through the latest raids content, they are introduced to General Fran, a member of the long-eared race that has long been removed from the Eorzean society.

The Moogle accompanying the party is very surprised, yes, but the player should not be. The Viera were teased in the opening of the Shadowbringers expansion, with the update 4.5 is considered as an important stepping stone to the introduction of the new race.

It is not clear whether Fran represents the Viera as a whole. Her character model seems that it were lifted from the recent Final Fantasy XII HD remaster. Her body is also outrageous, matching her feet to ears to the height of the largest playable races in the game. Sadly, she is not voice acted.

As we get closer to the release of the Shadowbringers expansion, we will get to know more about the Final Fantasy XIV Viera. Prior to this, players can buy ffxiv gil online and live vicariously through Fran.


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