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What We Know About the Game RIP

What We Know About the Game RIP

Posted time: Jan 04,2019


RIP(Rest in Pieces) is a comprehensive war simulation game on the ground, in the air or at sea. In many different scene maps from the Middle East desert to fully isolated bunker buildings, there are 4 different levels of Soldiers and their specific weapons. You can fight according to your own desires and let the enemy bleed out in the dust.

Here are all what we know so far about the game RIP.

Early Access

The developers said that "We want to produce the best possible gaming experience for our players. Therefore, we put this game out on early access so that we could give you a first-hand look at our game and have you be a part of the experience. Our mission is to take your input from RIP and tailor it to our player base's needs, for your maximum possible enjoyment.”

3 Tier Module Release Roadmap and Pricing

To thank the early supporters, the dev team decided to launch the game with a 3 tier modules during the Early Access development, each of them requiring a 2-4 month gap until it is being unlocked and playable.

Module 1: Ground Forces module Early Access starting price of $9,99 USD. 
This is already in the game and will be worked on and refined in the module 1 patch roadmap, which should last for 2 months and be updated weekly/every two weeks!

Module 2: Air Forces module Early Access price increase to $19,99 USD. 
After 2 to 4 Months in Early Access

Module 3: Sea Forces module Early Access price increase to $29,99 USD. 
After 4 Months in Early Access.

About the Game

RIP is an all-out war simulation game on the ground, in the air or at sea. With 4 different Soldier classes and their specific weapons, you can fight as your heart desires and let the enemy bleed out in the dust. After all, only the winners write the history books. RIP (Rest in Pieces) is a continuous capture battle, as you will encounter in real life (we hope not!) is a team with a high score for their country. And the soldiers contributed to the world of conquering the world map visualization. This is a long and tense war. Only the bravest and most patriotic people can lead their country to victory. Do you own it? What a wonderful time to live. Now, where is my gun?

Now, it is time to buy RIP Gold or RIP Items online, joining in the war to fight for your country!

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