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Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn Event Will Kick Off Soon

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn Event Will Kick Off Soon

Posted time: Dec 29,2018


Every year, Square Enix will greet the new year at the door with Heavensturn, a recurring seasonal event for Final Fantasy XIV. This year, Heavensturn will start running at the end of the month and run through the first two weeks of January. The event has been announced, including a special Kabuto-style helmet and a piece of furniture, which is based on the Chinese year of the pig theme for 2019. 

This year's Heavensturn will start at 7 am on December 31, 2018, and runs through January 15, 2019 at 6:59 a.m.PT. The story here is that although Heavensturn is a long-standing tradition, the residents of Limsa Lominsa did not really celebrate it. Therefore, as a player, you will work with Inoshishi Bugyo to help spread the good news of the New Year. Involving rice cakes, and there are also some special rewards. Inoshishi Bugyo will hang out in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa, with the coordinates X:11.4 Y:13.9.

There are two pieces of armor on the list of Heavensturn 2019. They are both the variants of the Inoshishi Kabuto helmet, both of which have little pigs sitting on the top. In addition to being cute, one of them is a“Crimson” variant and the other is blue. The furniture item is the Boar's Head Kadomatsu with the following flavor text: “A Heavensturn decoration displayed at homes and places of business. The spinning umbrella is thought to bring fortune as long as an object remains atop.”

Participating in the Heavensturn event will require a character level of 15, of course the event items are not available for trading. If you missed out the previous years' events, some of the past items will be available in Seasonal Shop. You can also get the cheapest ffxiv gil safely online at igxe.com.

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