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New Mounts and New Quests Come to Final Fantasy XIV With Update 4.5

New Mounts and New Quests Come to Final Fantasy XIV With Update 4.5

Posted time: Dec 21,2018


Recently, Square Enix has released a brand new gallery of MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV screenshots. These images feature the content of the upcoming update 4.5, also called “A Requiem for Heroes.”

Though the main key to the update is to push the storyline along, there is still a lot to do than just follow the main quest. We have recently got a look at some new mounts, minions and more you can get a hold when the update get online in January. And there is even a new quest that may end one of the longest-running quests of the Hero of Light.


The storyline of "Wreath of Snakes" makes the Hero face-to-face with Seiryu, the last of the four Lords. However, it will not be easy, because you also have Seiryu's underlings to deal with. However, with the Stormblood story ending quickly, it is time to bring closure to this saga once and for all.

You can also participate in the custom delivery service of the mysterious Adikragh, who runs the Hard Place. Who knows, if you do enough for him, you may see something hidden behind the mask. Even if you don't do this, you will still get a good return due to your deeds. There are also some new mounts you can get your hands on! Whether you want to travel by land or by sky, there’s a mount for whatever you desire. You can also get some new minions, hairstyles and emotes!

That is just a part of contents that Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 update will bring. The most notable addition is undoubtedly the Blue Mage, a new job that comes with its own set of abilities and quests. This is all to set the stage for next Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Shadowbringers, launching in Summer 2019.

However, before that, you can take a break from the brewing war to celebrate the 2018 Starlight Festival holiday. It brings a variety of festive cheers, including new exclusive loot! Be sure to get   enough ffxiv gil and check it out before it goes away during the new year.

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