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Anthem Really Shines When You Play in a Squad, Accoridng to BioWare

Anthem Really Shines When You Play in a Squad, Accoridng to BioWare

Posted time: Dec 21,2018


Anthem is an upcoming co-op multiplayer shooter from BioWare. The game features squad play with up to four players. According to Thomas Singleton, Producer at BioWare, the Anthem cooperative will be the best way to play the game, and solo game will not be as rewarding.

"This is launching a new IP for EA, for BioWare, and we’re super proud of it. We’re excited because we’re bringing connectivity and co-op environmental gameplay to the game along with great storytelling and that’s rarely done. We’re pushing team dynamics, that’s where the game really begins to sell. Where the product shines is playing as that squad, you’re working together as a unit to go and conquer various missions. If you want to play the experience solo that’s your option, it probably won’t be as rewarding, you won’t have that team dynamic. The game will scale based on whether you’re by yourself or playing with three other people."

Then Singleton addressed the comparison with other similar games and added that they are doing at least a few major aspects in different.

"The team has definitely looked out into the market and seen what’s done well and what hasn’t done well, right, and that’s why we’re doing some of the things in this product that Destiny and some others haven’t. We are trying to go into the story further, we are trying to bring in the level of customisation from a Javelin perspective, and making it a meaningful difference for players."

In this regard, BioWare dedicated the last two live streams to personalization (an impressive ability to customize the appearance of your Javelin) and customization. The latter is especially part of the loot gear system, which is related to the last week’s livestream.

It seems that BioWare got some notes out from Diablo III and The Division for the system. There will be six loot rarities, from Common (white) to Legendary (yellow); the bosses do not have separate loot tables, and your chances to drop higher quality items increase as you level up and faces more challenging content (like dungeons, named Strongholds in Anthem) and increase the difficulty level you’re playing at.

In addition, the items in the Uncommon layer above are accompanied by a random inscription. These are like a variety of enchants that provide add itional effects such as increased javelin propeller life, higher blast damage or final regeneration time. In general, there will be more than one hundred inscriptions at the time of publication, and it is impossible to re-launch their statistics; if you are looking for a specific combination to optimize your javelin, you will have to get it as a loot drop during the mission or, alternatively, craft it.

For more information on Anthem's loot system, you can check out the official website. Anthem is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, that's for sure. Buy Anthem Items online. It will be released on February 22, 2019, and fans can almost feel it in their hands already.


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