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Overview of Skull and Bones

Overview of Skull and Bones

Posted time: Dec 20,2018

Skull and Bones1

Skull and Bones is an upcoming Role-Playing Game developed by Ubisoft, where allows players to become a pirate, customize their captains, and hunt for treasures in the Indian Ocean. In Skull and Bones, players can drive the Indian Oceans alone in a single-player campaign, or find up to five other players to align or participate in a fierce naval combat that only the truest of pirates pirates can handle. Different types of ships can be collected throughout the game and the captain can be customized to your preferences.

Mortars, cannons, rockets and more can be used to fend off your enemies and eventually sink their ships. You can even simply hit your ship against others, causing damage in one of the simplest but most satisfying ways. Wind positioning is another important aspect of battles. Properly maneuvering your ship according to the wind direction can give you massive advantages.

To battle against other players, you can sail your ship to the Disputed Waters, one of the most dangerous areas in the Indian Ocean. Different PvP matches can be joined here. Lull Hunt is one of the core multiplayer modes in Skulls and Bones. In Loot Hunt, the two opposing groups of players set sail to get the most treasure for their team. Ships in Loot Hunt can upgrade their crow's nests, to provide them with a vantage point, and spyglasses can be used too.

If you've ever thought about experiencing the life of a pirate - charging around the sea and swinging your entire ship to deliver a lot of firepower, then Skull and Bones is for you. Choose your favorite ship type, equip your captain to succeed, get enough Skull and Bones items and take to the waters in search of riches in Skull and Bones!

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