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Path of Exile's Biggest Success - Betrayal Update

Path of Exile's Biggest Success - Betrayal Update

Posted time: Dec 13,2018


The Path of Exile is a free-to-play MMORPG on Steam. It has been out around for almost five years, and at that time, it has been largely watched by players. However, the recent update to the game - Betrayal - have pushed the number of the Path of Exile player to the highest point it has ever been.

The game now has an impressive 117,000 concurrent players, which is about 20% higher than the number it has ever been. While these are not the millions of concurrent players that PUBG or Fortnite can claim, it is still very good for a hack-and-slash RPG have never heard of.

Path of Exile's developer, Grinding Gear Games, has never had a huge commercial success. The Little New Zealand studio has really only made a few games. Previous titles include things like Bears and Hunters, but the success of Path of Exile has pushed them into a different field, and even led their purchase by Tencent in May of this year.

The game has built a small but relatively loyal and happy following. The Path of Exile currently has more than 70,000 comments and still maintains a very positive score, which is more than what most games claim.

Most, if not all, of the recent success of the Path of Exile is attributed to Betrayal, a large-scale update that has been a long time coming. The update changed the factions, missions, maps, skills, hideouts, and masters. In addition to re-repairing or fixing the older mechanics, the game also introduced a long and huge quest involving the Immortal Syndicate.

Players will have to quest around the world to find the four branches of the organization using detective work and interrogation. Players can even choose to kill or persuade the organization members to switch sides.

For a free MMORPG, Betrayal adds a huge boost to playability and versatility, and a detective-esque quest that provides players with multiple choices and outcomes is as innovative as it comes for the genre. 

Path of Exile's Betrayal is available right now, welcome to get poe orbs online and play the game now!

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