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Review of The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire DLC

Review of The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire DLC

Posted time: Nov 23,2018


For the first time in the Elder Scrolls series, this beautifully complex Argonian race is finally concentrated under the spotlight in the newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Murkmire, the nearest zone of DLC, offers a wealth of delving into the culture of the Argonians - a marginalized, misunderstood and mistreated reptilian people native to the lands of Black Marsh. Murkmire quickly became a lot of fans' favorite ESO zone to date because of its excellent execution of showing the harsh swamp environment of the Argonians to be just as beautiful and misunderstood as they are.

Once the DLC be unlocked or purchased, you can go directly to the land of Murkmire through Wayshrines. Obviously, this land is distinguished from the lands we have seen before: it is not conventionally pretty or appealing. It is not a place that players and lovers of fantasy would initially beg to find themselves the way they typically do with the more objectively beautiful places such as Summerset. Its swampy, humid environment is full of dangerous flora and fauna, but still presents itself in a surprisingly attractive light.

Initially I had low expectations for the visual appeal of the swamp-themed place, but many of its areas were adorned with colourful plants and shrouded temples, giving it a unique subtropical charm. There are tons of tribal elements built into the Argonian culture - ancient religious artifacts, and connected with the tree shaman, to name a few - that just feels different from the previous game we have walked on the Elder Scrolls. The funnel of many missions we pass through the temple, let the powerful Indiana Jones: Raiders resonate with the Raiders, and explore through the mysterious exotic really make you feel that you are taking risks, not just being told one.

One for the Lorebooks

Journals and books are distributed throughout Murkmire, and when you have a chance, it's worth taking the time to slow down and flip through them. In the past, we rarely knew about the Argonne and rarely saw them. They were not completely conquered or pushed to the corner of society. Therefore, the legend of the Murkmire world has become very valuable - this is really the first opportunity for us to  dive deep into this culture, and is very worth taking advantage of.


In terms of content, Murkmire is a very good deal for loyal ESO players because it is a daily bonus for dedicated players who log in every day in November, or as a free DLC for ESO Plus members. For casual gamers, the price is 2000 krona, or just over $20, which is very worth buying, provided you are very interested in the legend of Elder Scrolls. There are a large number of new weapon installations that can be unlocked in missions or in the arena, two new drills, and a new arena map called Blackrose Prison.

Although it is disappointing that there are no new public or private dungeons, there is no real way to queue up for cooperative group activities in this world, but this area is more suitable for individual adventurers and they will find that there is no shortage of standard tasks. If you take the time to read countless conversations and words that are not your cup of tea, then DLC offers more than just a good new area to accomplish more of the same task, unfortunately there is not much attraction for new players or the players who rarely log into the game.

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