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The Most Popular Primary Archetypes in NBA 2K19

The Most Popular Primary Archetypes in NBA 2K19

Posted time: Nov 19,2018


NBA 2K19 has made some adjustments to the archetype system, which has been rapidly gaining popularity since its inclusion in NBA 2K17 mt coins. Most notably, Lockdown Defenders are more reliable in offense than in the past, and Stretch Fives are not as deadly as as they were from long range (Stretch Fours, on the other hand, are very good), especially if your center is 7'3".

So, after the tweaks, what are the most popular main archetype choices for NBA 2K19 players?

Even if the rating of each archetype changes, the results will not be too surprising. However, there are some things that are really outstanding.  It’s the Sharpshooters and Stretch Bigs who come out on the top, and it was not even close. It just shows you the importance of long-range shooting in a new generation of basketball.

One of the amazing attractions was to see the Post-Scorer finishing in a tie for third place along with Slasher/Athletic Finisher. It must have been popular since NBA 2K17 since that year. I saw more Sharpshooters and Glass Cleaners than anything else, but that was just me.

Shot-Creator was in second place, which is another one that I am not surprised, because if you are a guard or small forward, it can be said to be the most versatile archetype in the game. These players are particularly deadly in the middle distance but still pose a threat from behind the arc as well.

In addition, they also have solid ball handling skills. But perhaps the most surprising result was that Glass Cleaner finished last. This may be because you are seeing more players becoming the Lockdown Defenders in the NBA 2K19 because of their improved offensive attributes  to go along with their excellent defensive stats. However, at the end of the day, it was the Sharpshooter who won the championship in the NBA 2K19. You might ask, "Why is this archetype so popular?".

As mentioned above, since the real sport depends to a large extent on the three-point shot to win the games, this may have an impact on the decision making. Another thing of note is that the Sharpshooter / Stretch Big is an offensive machine that can light it up from almost anywhere.

If the Sharpshooters have unlocked their key badges, such as Deep Range Deadeye or Limitless Range, this will make them twice as dangerous. You will see the players shooting as far as from half court in the park, especially with the Takeover feature. 

No matter what kind of a primary archetype you choose, each one has its own set ot unique ability to make them all great in their own way. The community has already said that many people play with basketball snipers, but in the end of the day, it is best to go with your get nba 2k19 mt feeling and ask yourself what kind of game you like best when you play basketball as a fan or if you play the sport yourself.

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