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A new ‘Fork Knife’ NPC will be Added to Fortnite in the Save the World update

A new ‘Fork Knife’ NPC will be Added to Fortnite in the Save the World update

Posted time: Nov 14,2018

Epic Games is working on the front-end experience of Fortnite's PvE gaming mode, Save the World, as part of the reform of the game's oft-neglected side. The developer also introduced a new character for the Save the World that goofs on the “fork knife” meme.


You may ask what is the front end? That is all of the menus you use to browse the game. Therefore, these changes will affect how you upgrade your heroes, create new weapons, and usually manage your band of survivors.

All of these new changes are located in Fortnite's new Command Center screen, which acts as the center for updating every other aspect of the UI. From the Command Center, you can go to the menus to manage your heroes, upgrades, survivors, research, the armory and even your quests. Each of these screens will now be managed by an character in the game, which Epic hopes will give these metagame elements a little more personality.

These characters include Clip, the weaponsmith, Lars the scientist, who will head the Research Lab, and The Major, who is missing a hand, and replace it with a piece of metal with a fork and a knife attached. Epic likes to to lean into a meme, which is already done with the Fork Knife food truck. Another new character is the Director - who you will unlock in the story and will help you manage your roster of survivors.

There is another part among these clarity changes coming a larger alteration to the game: Epic has removed the skills and research trees. They have not gone all together; for most part, these trees have just been scattered in different places. Between F.O.R.T. stats and the new Upgrade menu, most of those contents still exist, but not in the form that players may be used to.


Fortunately, Epic will reward players with F.O.R.T. account-based XP statistics and upgrade points to help make up for the skill tree being gone, and finally, due to the changes, it looks like players will end up a little more powerful overall. To help players get a handle the new system, Epic also allows everyone to reset the upgrade menus multiple times, allowing you to try something and find out your favorite upgrades. Epic said that thanks to the better polished onboarding experience, new players are also getting some attention.

All of these changes should be released with the next big Fortnite Save the World update v6.30, which will be available within next week. By that time, you can buy Fortnite Items on igxe.com to experience it!


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