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Updates of FFXIV occurred and Game clients to be updated automatically on release

Updates of FFXIV occurred and Game clients to be updated automatically on release

Posted time: Oct 30,2018

The updated of Final Fantasy XIV occurred on the last 16 October 2018. Game clients are to be updated automatically on release. Here the affected service was the Final Fantasy XIV. 


detailing the update

The hotfixes of FFXIV occurred on the 16 October 2018. Now, gamers can now figure out the diverse alterations in the gameplay of FFXIV. The cool down time for the PvP action known as the Divine Benison have been enhanced between 20 and 30 seconds. Some issues that have been addressed were taken place in this update. The character is infrequently to decrease the map after playing the cut-scene in an additional area while training a chocobo in the Chocobo Stable. To equip the character fast with the proper weapons and armors, gamer can buy FFXIV Gil from the professional online gaming house now. 

the Feast Season Ten to be concluded soon 

The competition has become violent; however, Season Ten of the Feast is to end soon. The updates on the page of rankings are to conclude after Tuesday, 30 October. Then, ultimate outcomes for the Feast are to be declared on Tuesday, 06 November. Gamer is to deal with his competitors and gamer prove himself the most ferocious of the pack.  Season Eleven is slated to be taken place with the launching of patch 4.45 along with patch 4.5. 

the news for launching of Patch 4.45 of FFXIV 

The launching date of a FFXIV patch, 4.45 has been almost corroborated, as the news appeared on an update in relation with patch 4.4 website. Collapsing in line with previous past schedules, the FFXIV patch 4.45 launching date has been fixed for Tuesday 06 November while marking around six weeks from the launching of patch 4.4. Final Fantasy XIV 4.45 patch notes are not expected to be live unless the servers become down for the update within a few weeks. However, the special website is fixed for the previous prime content patch that has been mended with new information on the key patch traits. 

Within two weeks time, players can expect the Eureka grind to keep continuing as a new zone of the strange area is explored. The third installment of the Eureka quest line indicates that launching date of Eureka Pyros is now fixed in stone. While passing through the last area, Eureka Pyros, and Eureka Pagos characterize a dense network of caves that exchanges the cold climes of the last area for a deep molten center. 

The quest of expedition to arrive at the headquarters of the students of Baldesion at the core of the isle keeps continuing. Moreover, towards that point, they have located again to a new fundamental camp to use an old proto-aetheryte. To keep updated with the latest news along with FFXIV Gil, gamer can visit the professional online gaming house often.

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