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Final Fantasy XIV Players Enjoy The Fun Of Random Dice in Game

Final Fantasy XIV Players Enjoy The Fun Of Random Dice in Game

Posted time: Oct 24,2018


Most players who adventure in Final Fantasy XIV are worried that new piece of loot will fall from difficult dungeon, or if they can get enough rewards in PVP to unlock the emote they like. But some players tend to the more creative side and host large role-playing events. The battles in these events are mainly settled by dice rolls. 

Playing through the main stories and dungeons of the game is not as attractive as gathering with like-minded players to roleplay the day-to-day lives of our characters. Some players organize large events for others to participate. The biggest and most popular are respectively the massive displays where warriors and mages can test their mettle against each other. Each event is supervised by hard-working players, and both attract a large audience. Rather than a PVP duel, the combination of creative writing and random dice rolls helps keep each game fresh and expressive. For the attack you want to hit, you need to scroll through a random number between 0 and 999 via a chat command, and your opponent rolls to dodge. If your number is higher, you will hit. If not, they dodge and have a chance to hit. So it goes until one player lands three hits.

Those dice can be shattered, leading to surprisingly defeated and amazing loser stories. While some may not find it so fair - why their badass dragon knights will lose a joke character - these scorpions make it possible for anyone to win. It is particularly worth mentioning that, in particular, the number of players participating in these events is large.

In a broad sense, it seems disappointing to build your success on a literal random number generator, but this randomness has many advantages. Role level and training don't matter. In general, each player has the same relative opportunity to roll a good or bad value and thus remain fair. Everyone is on an equal footing, and there may be some very dramatic twists and turns in these tournaments.

Some people may use dice in other situations, especially when they are doing dungeon-style adventures in MMO games like "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Watching someone rolling 100 or making an amazing failure will make things move in a new direction. This is something that Dragon and Dungeons can tell you, but seeing the scorpions used in big events like Final Fantasy XIV gives me an idea of their egalitarian nature. These are great events, and those who run them should be very proud. Anyone can be a champion, and that's why many creative players come back week after week to get FFXIV Gil and the glory.

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