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To Be the Monster in The Elder Scrolls Online's New Halloween Event

To Be the Monster in The Elder Scrolls Online's New Halloween Event

Posted time: Oct 16,2018


It is the annual time for games and gamers to get spooky for Halloween! As The Elder Scrolls Online team prepares for the upcoming Witches Festival, Tamriel itself can not escape the world of witches and monsters!

Become a monster and gain extra experience as the beloved festival returns to Tamriel again! Get your spook on, earn exclusive rewards, and enjoy the fun with thousands of other players in this MMO role-playing game. Interested in joining the festivities? Here's what you need to know before the event starts on October 18th!

Additional XP

Players who participate in The Witches Festival will enjoy a 100% XP buff and become an undead monster that can free to roam the world of the Elder Scrolls. Players will be responsible for finding unique items specific to this event in an effort to earn some pretty sweet loot!

Then how to participate in the upcoming event? First, navigate to the Holiday section of the Crown Store to acquire the “Crow Caller" item;  Then, complete the quest “The Witchmother's Bargain" to receive the “Witchmother's Whistle" memento.

Add to Your Collection

In order to get this limited time only loot, it's important to add to the collection - and fast! Want that polymorph? You need to get something first, then you need those Plunder Skull containers! There are also Dremora Plunder Skulls as well, which adds a Dremora twist to the loot crafted.

Event Tickets, Crowns Store, And The Coven Cottage

When you get a Dremora Plunder Skull, you will be issued an event ticket every day. Pick up 10 of these tickets and bring them to The Impresario, which can be found in Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard and Davon's watch.  Collect enough and collect four unique feathers, players will be able to summon the Nascent Indrik mount! More crown items will also be added, including the Death Mask Sabre Cat mount and the Sinister Hollowjack furnishing items to that homestead extra spooky! 

Speaking of homesteads, Conjure is safely away from prying eyes with the Exorcised Coven Cottage home. When the event starts, the home will return to the in-game Crown Store for crowns. However, it will also be available for gold if you have the Witches Festival Achievement titled “An Unsparing Harvest,”  which can be earned by earning these other Witch Festival achievements, including Happy Work for Hollowjack, Plunder Skull Enthusiast, Pumpkin Pairs Well With Guts and Reaper's Harvest.

This Halloween event will be officially launched at 10 am ET on October 18 and will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC! Get enough eso gold prepared now to join the Event!

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