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NHL 19 Legend And Ultimate Edition Early Issues

NHL 19 Legend And Ultimate Edition Early Issues

Posted time: Sep 13,2018


General Impressions of NHL 19 Legend and Ultimate Edition

For a number of gamers, the newest NHL 19 game is finally here. As of Tuesday this week, fans are downloading and playing the NHL 19 Legends and Ultimate editions of the new game. The hockey game is for customers who have pre-ordered the special versions early for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox in advance. It has already brought feedback, including bug or issue reports, and general impressions about the new game.

The Ultimate Edition includes a copy of the standard game. In addition, fans will receive up to 40 HUT packages, which are twice a week for 20 weeks. Gamers who preorder this version of the NHL 19 game will also receive a HUT Cover Athlete item, a HUT Legend item, a HUT Rookie item and one piece of the World of Chel Customization Gear.

The Legend Edition will come with all of the above but the 40 HUT packages. Instead, there are 20 HUT packages. The game costs also $10 lower than the Ultimate Edition. Versions of Xbox or PlayStation game are available on the Microsoft Windows Store and the Sony PlayStation Store, respectively. EA Access members can also enjoy a 10% discount off deal.

Early Issues of NHL 19 Legend and Ultimate Edition

As the same with other EA games, fans have provided their feedback for the NHL 19 game. EA Sports provides a special forum message board where customers can record any bugs, crashes, or other issues they experienced with the game.

As of this report, there are only a few gamers have reported NHL 19 bugs or issues on the forum. And some of the reported issues involve the World of Chel Hub ProAm game settings. A customer reported that their changed settings for the game reverted to "default" in multiple instances. According to the reports, this happened no matter what they did in the game, including checking World of Chel settings or exiting to check them.

There are also instances of visual setting issues in the World of Chel NHL Threes Drop-in game reported for the Sony PlayStation version of the game.

Other issues reported include the HUT online games that not counting, the option to extend the contract for players who have zero year left on their old contract, and the server disconnection issue involving the Xbox applications. As of this report, it’s not clear how widespread these issues are.

EA Sports is likely to monitor the forums, similar to how they have done with the Madden 19 game. They recently released a huge patch update for the game, so fans will definitely heading to see something similar for NHL 19.

For now, early pre-order customers are able to enjoy NHL 19 Legend and Ultimate Edition of the game. More fans will participate in the game featuring NHL 19 cover athlete P.K.

Have you experienced the early NHL 19 game? Did you encounter any bugs or issues? Welcome to talk with us on igxe.com, where get cheap NHL 19 Coins online.

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