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Discussing the availability of Wolfhunter DLC Game Pack and Update 19 on PC or Mac while declaring the update 19 of Wolfhunter

Discussing the availability of Wolfhunter DLC Game Pack and Update 19 on PC or Mac while declaring the update 19 of Wolfhunter

Posted time: Aug 15,2018

Now, it is to face the legacy of Hircine in Wolfhunter. It is the latest DLC gaming pack of Elder Scrolls Online. Game developer is excited to declare that the Wolfhunter DLC game pack and the Update 19 base-game patch become live on both PC and Mac. This new DLC content and update incorporate two new-brutal dungeons. These are Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. There is the inclusion of new with strong gear and distinctive collectibles. Gamers can also find out a new Battlegrounds map incorporating Istirus Outpost. Here, an updated Respec 2.0 system along with a prime overhaul to the Werewolf Skill Line is also to be incorporated. Gamers can also find a host of new PvP additions and prizes. 




This new DCL is obtainable without any cost for all associates of ESO plus or they can buy it in exchange of crowns from the in-game Crown store. The Update 19 base-gaming patch is obtainable for all players of ESO without any cost. If gamer does not wait to judge his power against the beasts of Hircine on consoles. There is no need to worry. Wolfhunter and Update 19 are to be available on 28 August on the consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


about contents


Gamers can also find New DLC gaming pack, purchasing details, getting access, new battleground, PvP additions, and Update 19.


about Wolfhunter DLC Game Pack


Based on the Wolfhunter DLC gaming pack, gamer along with his team becomes able to take a venture into two all-new dungeons while facing the monstrous beasts of Hircine.


the details of buying  


The Wolfhunter DLC gaming pack is available for all ESO Plus associates without any cost or obtainable for buying in exchange of 1500 crowns from the in-game Crown Store. Gamer can figure out it within the in-game Crown store that is specified under DLC.  Visiting the nearest and professional gaming house helps gamer buy ESO gold affordably in time of dire need of gold.


getting into realm of Hircine and gain a free Hat


On one occasion, gamer has access to the Wolfhunter dungeons. Then, gamer can have the venture into the Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices based on the specified methods.


the latest battlegrounds and additions of PvP


Based on Update 19, gamer can find a host of latest additions of PvP that are drafted to bring the unexpected result for PvP in both Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds.


about Istirus Outpost


This new Battleground characterizes a semi-symmetrical layout that is emphasized on mapping knowledge and consciousness. Particularly, because of its bigger size, competitors become able to mount in this arena. It is the first for the Battlegrounds gaming mode. Gamer is to be in the fight often in Istirus Outpost.


the calling of Hircine to gamer


The famous Hunt takes place.  Gamer is to be courageous to engage the monsters of Moon Hunter Keep and the March of Sacrifices. It is the turn of gamer whether he is to get into the realm of Hircine with Wolfhunter DLC pack or not. Gamer can provide the answer on Twitter and Facebook page of ESO.  To keep updated with the latest news on ESO and ESO gold, gamers can have a visit at the nearest online gaming house often. 


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