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Taking place the actions against the illegal in-game RMT along with other illegal acts in Final Fantasy XIV

Taking place the actions against the illegal in-game RMT along with other illegal acts in Final Fantasy XIV

Posted time: Aug 10,2018

The actions are occurring against the in-game RMT along with other illegal doings in Final Fantasy XIV.  RMT, Real Money Trading along with other illegal doings makes the harmonization of game disturbed. Hence, game developer of FFXIV introduced the prohibited action based on the Terms of Service of the game.


Since game developer has established the presence of players that are involving with these illegal doings. Here gamers can figure out the actions that are taken place. Between 02 August and 08 August 2018, the action occurred against the taking part of RMT or prohibited doings. The number of terminated accounts stands at 3,391. The temporary suspended accounts become 9. The booting activities occur while applying the number of third part tools as these permit automation. Here, the number of terminated accounts appears at 42. The temporary suspended accounts are 10. The action takes place against the RMT advertising.  The number of terminated accounts becomes 651 here.


Players that explore any deep-rooted cheats must use or broadcast those pieces of information to the proper authority of game.  Other than this, game developer thinks that players are to place a report while applying the specific in-game command. The command is [System Menu] -> [Support Desk] -> [Contact Us] -> [Report Cheating].


Moreover, if there is any player that witnessed RMT advertisement can place the report based on clicking the character name in the chat log while choosing the menu. Here, the menu is [Report] -> [Report RMT Activity].



The report on actions is to be processed automatically and if it is ensured to appear under RMT advertising, the comments of reported character are to be limited. Game developer is to keep taking severe disciplinary action against any accounts with determined engagement in RMT or illegal activity. Under this circumstance, gamer must take care to clean any doings that are violating the Terms of Service.


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Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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