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Getting familiar with the Schedule of the ArenaNet Streaming on the Week of 30 July

Getting familiar with the Schedule of the ArenaNet Streaming on the Week of 30 July

Posted time: Aug 01,2018




Players have been tied up with the game developer of Guild Wars 2 as the partners to display their innovative and persuaded content of Guild Wars 2 upon the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch Channel. Gamers of Guild Wars 2 can be accustomed to the scheduled event of this week. In the competitive economy of Guild Wars 2, Gamers are to struggle in grinding gold in the shortest possible time while hitting the highest cap fast. As gold is the basic in-game currency of the game, gamers can arrange them from professional online gaming house in time of dire needs. 


considering the Streams for the Week of 30 July


On Wednesday, 01 August, The Guild Wars 2 Art Show based on Marius Bota in English is to occur at noon. It is the Pacific Time and it is UTC-7. Marius Bota is returned with the episode of this week. Gamer can also figure out all the past innovative artworks upon the Art Show Flickr Album of Guild Wars 2. On Thursday, 02 August, Guildnews Podcast based on Sputti in German is to be available as live at Guildnews. The time is 10 AM pacific time as it is UTC-7.  This week is to be reviewed with the crew of Guildnews.


Based on LiveStream of ArenaNet, it is to play Guild Wars 2 World versus World in English. The time is 2:30 PM, Pacific Time as it is UTC-7. Gamer is to take part with the development team of World vs. World in the Mists on their weekly stream. The time is Friday, 03 August. It is Chill PvP based on Jess in English. The time is 10 AM pacific time and it is UTC-7.  


considering ArenaNet Livestream of Guild Chat in English


The time is noon at Pacific Time or UTC-7. It is to take part with host Rubi Bayer along with her developer guests for the next episode of Guild Chat. If gamer requires changing the times for his own time zone, gamer can apply this tool.  Gamers are thanked to watch.  To find the competitive edge in the gameplay of Guild Wars 2, gamers can avail GW2 Gold along with the latest update of Guild Wars 2 from the professional online gaming house.



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