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While taking part at the Duty Commenced 23 Episode on the last 13 July

While taking part at the Duty Commenced 23 Episode on the last 13 July

Posted time: Jul 16,2018


The Duty Commenced Episode 23 was depicted on Friday, 13 July. It was to take part with the North American Community Team, as they were to narrate the Patch, 4.35 details. It was to deal with some in-game content with viewers, exhibiting Community Commendations and there were the host giveaways. 


about the individuals


There were Aya “Sicycre” Montoya, and Chenin “Luxpheras” Matthews.


about the time

It was at 3PM as PDT or 6PM as EDT or 22:00 hrs as GMT, Friday, 13 July.

about the place


It was chosen as the formal Final Fantasy XIV Twitch Channel. The Community Team was to be playing live from the Aether Data Center upon Siren World.


about giveaways


Gamer could tune in for an option to overcome one of three Namazu Plush or one of three Khloe Figures.



about community considerations


The community of Final Fantasy XIV is entirely occupied with talented content makers and artist of each medium. Moreover, game development team was constantly astonished and persuaded by the works as development team preferred to share all through social media.  Was gamer one of these gifted makers?  Could gamer prefer seeing his work characterized on a formal channel of FFXIV. Then, it was the option of gamer. Game development team was to be accumulating the submissions on the formal Forum and Twitter. Hence, gamer was to be prepared to go through the entirely details and they were to submit their entries. To keep updated with the latest news along with FFXIV Items to equip the character fast, gamers can visit the online gaming house often.  


the way Giant Moogle Boss of FFXIV appeared to be


One of the most memorable bosses of FFXIV comes out as a Good King Moggle Mog. It is a massive demonic Moogle of which Tim Burton-persuaded theme song has been lingering players from the earliest days of the game. While producing, the king of the Moogles does have an unlikely source. It is one of the broadest usual disasters of Japan. 


In the beginning of this month at E3, somebody asked composer, Masayoshi Soken of FFXIV about the origin of ridiculous hymn song, here the entire original saga of Good King Moggle Mog was disclosed. It appeared a Primal foe that became made public on FFXIV 1.0 prior to the developers at Square Enix recorded the game, then, it was re-appeared as A Realm Reborn during 2013.  To hit the cap fast in Final Fantasy XIV, gamers can opt for FFXIV items online

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