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Finding Galactic Legend as Game Update, 5.9.2 on Public Test Server

Finding Galactic Legend as Game Update, 5.9.2 on Public Test Server

Posted time: Jul 12,2018

The game update, 5.9.2 of Star Wars The Old Republic becomes known as Galactic Legend and appears on the Public Test Server, PTS. All platinum players are able to avail this update. Gamer can have an optimum level character or not; gamer is persuaded to get on the PTS and provide his feedback upon this great emphasized update of Player Vs Player. To have the extra information upon PTS status, and timing, it is to provide feedback. Now it is the time to move to the PTS forums. Gamers require equipping the character fast with the proper weapons and armors. To arrange these, gamer require having sufficient Credits. 


being available traits on this Update upon PTS


Gamers can find new Stronghold: Rishi Hideout. Gamer can personalize his own tropical paradise in this new beachfront Stronghold. It is for the first time in a Stronghold, gamer can now host and arrange his own PvP fighting. Between One versus One, free-for-all and 8v8 Huttball, gamer can play his own self-sketched matches.


considering new arena: Mandalorian Battle Ring


Gamers can gain the experience of 4v4 death-match in this brand new Arena Map. It is the personal Battle Ring of Mandalore. In the developments of Warzone and Matchmaking, gamers can find the alterations that are obtainable almost in every Warzone to assist the matches to be more consistent in their finishing time and it is to determine all matches being played moderately. Matchmaking has also been developed while incorporating the cross-faction line for all Warzones along with new harmonizing mechanisms to determine more evenly merged teams. Gamer can find much information on Galactic Legend as update to be available on 31 July 2018


It is to be noted, that game developer is not to be giving the Customer Support for this test server. There are to be the efforts to file in-game tickets that are to bring outcome in a mistaken message and it is not to be processed. Gamers can apply the Public Test Servers Forums for feedback and gamers can gain the experience of any issues. All gameplay policies appear in place motionlessly. Inaccurate or abusive players are not to be stood upon the test server. Moreover, game developer is to ask that gamer provide the report of this manner to Customer Support team.  


accessing the Public Test Server


Based on the user name and password, gamer is to sign in the launcher of SWTOR. It is to click the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the launcher. It is under enable public test server access and it is to choose “Yes”.  It is to click “Save”. Now at the bottom left corner there is to have two buttons. Choose the new button next to settings. There is under “Choose an Environment” and it is to choose Public Test. It is to click “Next” and gamer is to be starting patching upon PTS.  To keep updated with the latest news on Swtor and buy swtor credits, gamers require visiting IGXE.com to buy.  



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