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Focusing PC Patch Notes of Star Trek Online

Focusing PC Patch Notes of Star Trek Online

Posted time: Jun 29,2018

Gamers of Star Trek Online become able to figure out the new featured Episode: Home now. This new featured episode home has been appended to the featured episode tab in the journal. It is the journey to the World of Founder Home to shut the invasion from the Hur’q. This episode is obtainable for the Captains at level ten and more than that. 




Cardassian Captains now have had the access to the typical Cardassian Uniform being available in the tailor. An issue was solved as it was protecting Romulan Captains from the purchasing of a few Fleet ships. Captains of Jem’Hadar now change the registry information for the related ships that they go for flying. The Razor Chroma Keyboard colors became updated for the captains of Jem’Hada. Some issues are being solved in which the episode journal tabs might not visibly update accurately for captains of Jem’Hadar. Missing VO is being appended with some spots all through the new Victory based on Life content. An issue is being resolved in which sometimes the pylons upon the Arbiter Battlecruiser could be different during the time of alteration of options on it.  An icon is being appended to the Armada Fleet Donation tab for the Colony. 

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In consideration of Quark’s Lucky 7, an issue is solved in which at the end part of Leeta, the player could convert into Rom early.  For Tenebris Torquent, an issue is resolved in which Odo backpack might still be upon Garak after Odo comes out.  For turning the tide, an issue is solved in which after the players becomes armed with the torpedo. Marin might sometimes say to the players as they can be armed with torpedo.


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There are the powers of level 63 captain. There is the Co-opt energy Weapons. The period is enhanced between five seconds and fifteen seconds.  The radius is enhanced between 3KM and 5KM. The healing percentage is enhanced between ten-percent and twenty-five percent. Read More


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