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The gradual linking of GGG in its Community of Path of Exile

The gradual linking of GGG in its Community of Path of Exile

Posted time: Jun 21,2018

On one occasion, the time appears again for Path of Exile in relation to The Exiled Tribute column that intensified the spotlight upon all things of PoE over the recent days. As the incursion days are going on in full swing, GGG has focused its eye to the vibrant community with the declaration of contests and it is to call for submission in a newly declared art contest along with the Build of the Week video series.  




considering the Submissions of Build of the Week


Grinding Gear has often found that the most innovative construction of characters is to be ensured by the players. This has directed a continued series of videos under the leading of Build of the Week that displays some of the distinctive build players that have appeared. Based on all of the new and renovated abilities, there appeared the update of Incursion League. Gamers can find some fresh new paths to play. Due to that, Season Nine of Build of the Week comes out as the right one around the corner whilst GGGT is inviting the submissions to players.


While considering the Build of the Week series, game developer displays the uncommon builds that apply distinctive blending of mechanics of Path of Exile. There are the builds that do not have to the most powerful or fastest. However, they have to surely be attractive. While considering the example, gamers are to investigate the last episode of Season Eight. It is Friends with Benefits from c9q9md. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer avail poe items affordably. Gamers can move to the declared Page of Build of the Week to figure out relevant linked previous seasons and instructions to get accustomed to the process of submission.


considering the platform of Community


Gamer can find one of the coolest things that GGG deals with it for its community to procure and display a diversity of innovative submission from the community. Game development team liked to have a moment to commemorate the latest work done by the associates of the community that incorporates music, a cake or fan art.


about speaking of art


In consideration of Speaking of art, Grinding Gear also presented a new Fan Art Competition that is occurring between now and 16 July. The only need is that the submission is themed around content of Path of Exile while incorporating the Micro-transaction. Chaos Orb t-shirts and comics of PoE signed them. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer find poe orbs in the most affordable cost to find the upper hand in the very beginning of the gameplay of Path of Exile.  


considering Prize Pool


In consideration of Ultimate Winner, Arkadiusz Matyszewski prepared statue of Path of Exile including the photograph as well. For top three, there is the availability of custom forum avatar and it is created from their submitted art, forum badge and art book of PoE. For top five, there appears the signed comic of PoE, Choice of Weapon effect from the prize list. For top ten, gamers can figure out Chaos Orb T-shirts, Choice of Helmet Effect from the prize list. For top twenty, gamers can figure out the Choice of an armor set from the prize list.  

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