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The servers of Fortnite start descending for maintenance before availability of Shopping Carts while Week 5 is being challenged

The servers of Fortnite start descending for maintenance before availability of Shopping Carts while Week 5 is being challenged

Posted time: May 31,2018

There was no downtime for the development team of Fortnite last week. However, this week appears with a difference.  As there are some contradictions in recent times, Epic Games declared that Fortnite: Battle Royale might have normal downtime for maintaining purpose prior to update v 4.3. The game was to be accessible at 4 AM ET on Wednesday, 30 May. Normally, there is no slated uptime. However, there is never a bad assumption of one to two hours.


During the previous weeks, new challenges have come instantly after the downtime of server. However, that is not the instance this week. Epic is now introducing the new challenge at 4 AM during the morning hours of Thursday. It is the identical time they might appear during the three Season. The big thing that is imminent is the shopping carts. It was declared on the in-game news feed in the recent afternoon. As there is no news about the new items, it is confirmed as it seems that they are not only going for a new item, but they also are to be introducing a new item class entirely. This is the class of vehicles.


Since its inception, there is the shortage of vehicles and it is one of the widest separations from the game to prime competition, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Conversely, Epic goes for appending vehicles in a specifically odd way. It is especially like Fortnite kind of way. Moreover, it is thrilling to visualize how that is occurring. Gamers can still go for asking many questions about the functional way of the shopping cart during the time of arrival. 


Apart from this, it is not wholly transparent what is appearing. The most thrilling one is the view of a new “playroom” mode that makes gamer spawn on the island with a group of pals in a non-competitive setting. It makes gamer deal with constructing and shooting to the content of heart of gamer. Friendly fire is to be active while permitting gamer to fight against the pals of gamer prior to re-spawn securely. It is the kind of mode that the individuals have been looking for since its inception. Epic informs that it is a run for test as the team can bring a more creative mode. Perhaps, the comeback of refunding method happens. Epic presented it sometime back. However, then, it fast became disabled because of technical issues. Apart from this, there is the normal set of bug mending of life- developments in a big and tiny scale. Here, a new challenge tracking method is noted.


Based on the notes of V4.3 Path, gamers can go for racing all through the map in Shopping Cards. In Battle Royal now, one is to be found. In challenge progression of Battle Royale, gamer is to be known about his goals. The components of UI have been appended as gamer can track his Challenges in-match. To start procuring the best Fortnite Items fast, gamer can go to the online gaming house now.  



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