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Seizing the opportunity of $100 million from Epic games while playing Spirited Fortnite during the first year

Seizing the opportunity of $100 million from Epic games while playing Spirited Fortnite during the first year

Posted time: May 23,2018

Epic Games has brought a crazier amount of money during the last some months since it offers free-to-play battle royale shooter, Fortnite. The gained revenue during February is around $126 million. From the viewpoint of developer, they are not only making cash, but they also provide  some handsome amount of prize pools in the first year competitive play of game. 


While the imminent 2018-2019 competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale season is to be going on, Epic Games are to provide the prize pools of $100.  This amount comes out as a ridiculous one as the individual competitions are to cross over the prize pool of The International, a Dota 2 event. It is apparent that Epic Games are to be having a casual approach for the gamers to take part in the competition. Conversely, it seems that it is in line with the type of battle royale. The achievement or disappointment in one game does not have any effects on the next one of gamer. Game developer asserts that they are getting behind the spirited play in a wider path. However, their approach is to be diverse as asserted by Epic Games in a blog.


Fortnite has positively been detonated in fame upon services including Twitch. The game also appears with the personalities like Ninja that attract the hundreds of thousands of viewers while making a team with celebrates like Travis Scott and Drake. The cross-platform support of game has also assisted as the players become able to run their development over iOS, PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also slated to be available on Android during this summer. Other than PS4 and Xbox One, all platforms can be interchanged with all other platforms. It is not the instance with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The interested gamers can opt for Fortnite Account online. During the weekend, Fortnite carried a particular ““Solo Showdown” occasion that leveled the players upon a leader-board depended upon their fifty placement matches. Moreover, they knew where they conclude as they had the potential to gain 50,000 in-game V-Bucks. In exchange of 14,500 V-Bucks, gamer can have $100. Hence, the award went beyond the alteration of Chump.


In the olden times of e-sports, Fortnite appears one of the most profitable games. Based on E-sports earnings and a website, Valve’s Dota 2 has offered $140 million more in nine-hundred tournaments since 2013. Fifty-million dollars have been presented for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO.  In Overwatch League, a conventional league approach for sports of Blizzard toward e-sports competition is scheduled to provide three and half million dollars as prize money for its opening year as the final season is to be shut next month. During February, Epic introduced one hundred and twenty-six million on PC based on the analysis of Superdata Research.


Epic is conducting a tournament in Los Angeles at the annual E3 convention next month. It is to be characterized with fifty celebrities, fifty major YouTubers and steamers of Twitch playing in two teams. It is like the higher ambition on e-sports of developer. Read More details information.To level the character fast in Fortnite, gamers can opt for Fortnite items, v-bucks and boosting online


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