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While appearing EP Party on Every Weekend and having fifty percent reduction upon Dungeon EP Costs of Soul Worker

While appearing EP Party on Every Weekend and having fifty percent reduction upon Dungeon EP Costs of Soul Worker

Posted time: May 22,2018

The battle is valuable at EP party of game developer. The reduction amount of EP is needed for every dungeon according to fifty-percent. It is between 6PM CEST on 11 May 2018 and 9AM CEST on 14 May 2018. Finding the early edge in the gameplay of Soul Worker fast, gamer can opt to have Soul Worker Dzenai online. The Silver Scythe of dungeon usually needs 7 EP to begin and 7EP at the conclusion. The total number becomes 14 EP.


While the event is going on, gamer is to require 4 EP to begin and 4 EP at the conclusion of the dungeon ‘Silver Scythe’. There is total 8 EP since the requirement for amount of dungeon EP is needed to reduce according to fifty-percent and there is the rounding up if required. Gamer is to be there and seize the opportunity of amusement in the dungeons.  Based on the SoulWorker Team, the EP party occasion becomes a permanent weekend occasion from now unless the further notice arrives.


SoulWorker is also called as SoulWorker Online. This comes out as an anime-fashioned free action MORPG and Lion Games Studios of South Korea developed this game. The game saga occurs just fifteen-year back after a portal. It is known as the Void as there began to introduce demons into the world. Just after fifteen years, children that were formerly misplaced to the void were brought back to their planet. These Children equipped with paranormal powers were called as SoulWorkers. 


The first appearance of the game, SoulWorker occurred in Japan on 06 April 2016 as Hangame released this game. Smilegate released the Korean edition on 18 January 2017. At the same time, the English edition got the entrance of Open Beta on 26 February 2018 as Gameforge published it. Players can go for downloading the English edition through Steam or through the formal Gameforge website.


about characters


The game, SoulWorker characterizes six playable characters that possess their distinct weapons along with skills. Leveling through quests and dungeons makes character skills become developed further. In addition, players also have the accessibility to more skills as they increase in level. The characters are Haru Estia, Erwin Arclight, Lily Bloommerchen, Stella Unibell, Jin Seipatsu, and Iris Yuma. In English version, there appeared only five characters out of six during April 2018. Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai is available online now at IGXE.com.


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