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Value of gold of World of Warcraft is seven more times higher than the currency of Venezuela

Value of gold of World of Warcraft is seven more times higher than the currency of Venezuela

Posted time: May 11,2018


It is sad that one cannot actually convert the in-game Gold into dollars directly. The Bolivar of Venezuela has had the sufferings due to huge devaluation of its yearly inflation as the percentage goes over 4,000. This indicated that inflation has struck the currency badly and it has turned out to be a lesser of seven times in comparable to the in-game currency of World of Warcraft, wow gold.

Gold is the in-game currency and players usually spend it upon the auction house and other diverse locations. Gold can be gained in the game or the players can buy them through the application of Wow Tokens. It is a current addition to the eco-system of Wow. Players can buy tokens in exchange of actual money in the game-shop, as the cost is $20 for Token. They can sell them upon the auction house for gold. Tokens can also be spent on extra subscription-based time and prizes in the diverse games of Blizzard (ATVI).

Recently One (1) dollar USD is equalized to 69,910 Venezuelan bolívar almost. At the same time, the exchange rate of Wow gold or Wow Token is around 205,407. It means that 10,152 gold is equal to One dollar. Ultimately, Gold of Wow has gone seven times higher than the Bolivar of Venezuela. Between the comparison of Bolivar and Gold, it is fast turning out to be a kind of indicator for the economy of Venezuela. During the last summer, the individuals indicated that the gaming token had just gone above the currency of country having a population of thirty-one million.  Gamers that like to hit the cap fast can opt for real handmade cheap wow gold from the professional online gaming house.



In the very beginning of this year, the President of Venezuela, Madura made a state Cryptocurrency known as Petro. It is an endeavor to save the economy of his country. IMF assumes that the inflation is to arrive at 13,000 percent this year. Other than the claiming of Madura, the primary currency sale arrived at $735 million. Observers have confronted the alteration of money through hands. Others have put a question whether Petro is yet a cryptocurrency or not. Now, there is the contradiction of the value of Bolivar, it sounds that it is to be wiser to invest in imaginary currency in video game. This South American country starts suffering from the economic crisis because of very inflation. Based on the exchange rate of black market, one US dollar is equal to 68,915 bolivares. In view of a Wow token price tracker, a token is presently valued at 201,707 pieces of virtual gold.

It indicates that a single dollar is in the trading of 10,085 gold pieces in Wow.  This helps apply false money in Azeroth. It is almost 6.8 times worthy in comparable to Bolivar of Venezuela.  One year back, 1USD became 3,100 bolivare. Then, the Bolivar has made the loss of 98% of its worthiness.  The cost of one token is $60 and the petro can only be purchased with other world currencies. However, it is not clear how investors are to be able to sell it.  To buy wow gold online and have the latest news on Wow, gamers require visiting the nearest online gaming house often. 


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