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Final Fantasy XIV's New Trailer Hints The Return of Franchise's Favorite Baddie

Final Fantasy XIV's New Trailer Hints The Return of Franchise's Favorite Baddie

Posted time: Jan 30,2018

In a trailer about the latest patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV, fans were treated with a very short video, which may be hinting at the return of a classic franchise villain.

Patch 4.2, which is also known as the  "Rise of a New Sun," is coming to Final Fantasy XIV by the end of this month. While the video mentioned above was full of gameplay previews showing some of the new contents to arrive in the game, the last few seconds of the trailer were equally exciting to fans.

Before the screen turns black and ends, the four-minute video features a very familiar face of a clown-looking baddie called Kefka Palazzo. The appearance is more complete when people hear the famous and creepy laugh of Kefka.


However, the appearance of Kefka in the trailer has not been linked to the story presented as a teaser for "Rise of a New Sun", which has made it vague what role he will play in the upcoming patch.

Kefka is one of the distinct enemy bosses in Final Fantasy, which is probably what made him a franchise favorite. Because of his dark wit, he has made a mark in the series of video games, especially with his catchy phrases.

Despite this, Kefka is also known as one of the few antagonists in the series, with a very loud character. He was first introduced in "Final Fantasy VI", where he was considered originally to be a trusty assistant to another enemy, a reliable aide to Emperor Gestahl. However, he actually has a plan of his own, aiming for destroying almost everything, including his supposed boss.

Although Kefka's role in "Rise of a New Sun" is still unknown, it is hard to believe that Square Enix has placed him in the trailer for no reason.

Meanwhile,  "Rise of a New Sun" will be released on January 30, bringing new game features, new Beast Tribe and Main Scenario quests, Raid and high-level dungeons, and more. Welcome to buy ffxiv gil on igxe.com whenever you need.

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