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The Elder Scrolls Online's 'Dragon Bones' DLC Pack Will Be Released in February

The Elder Scrolls Online's 'Dragon Bones' DLC Pack Will Be Released in February

Posted time: Jan 23,2018


After throwing out some clues and a little bit of hype building, developers have now revealed more information about the new The Elder Scrolls Online's downloadable content pack called  "Dragon Bones."

Two dungeons are the main features of the new DLC pack.

The first of these dungeons is the one named Fang Lair, a Dwarven ruin that used as the makeshift home for a master necromancer. Joined by others, this master necromancer is working on a sinister plot, and it is one that involves the reanimation of a fallen dragon.

In addition to the necromancer, Fang Lair is also inhabited by plague-ridden ogres and sorcerers who can use spells that involve undead creatures. Spoiler alert, there is also an undead dragon that players will have to face in the dungeon,or at least the bones of one.

The other new dungeon that will come to The Elder Scrolls Online via  "Dragon Bones" is named Scalecaller Peak, and this one is home to a dead dragon of a different kind.

Within Scalecaller Peak, players will find the cultists who were there to accomplish a vile objective - to release a plague that could destroy all of Tamriel. It is not clear yet, but there is a chance that the dead Dragon Priest buried in Scalecaller Peak may become involved in some way.

Of course, developers are not adding those new dungeons to the game for just giving players new challenges. They also provide rewards. New achievements, collectibles, items, and even monster sets are waiting for players who are able to conquer these dungeons.

Players do not even have to complete a dungeon to earn something new because they can get the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask just to enter either Fang Lair or Scalecaller Peak.

The  "Dragon Bones" DLC pack will be released sometime in February. In addition to theDragon Bones," game director Matt Firor said earlier that there will be two more DLC packs coming this year, as well as  a "full new Chapter" for the game.

More news about the new additions to The Elder Scrolls Online should be available soon. Please stay tuned and buy cheap eso gold on igxe.com.


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