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Star Wars: The Old Republic Postponed The Double XP Event

Star Wars: The Old Republic Postponed The Double XP Event

Posted time: Jan 11,2018


Developers often try to create special little mini events for players to participate in to make their characters stronger, richer, more technical, and of course, to keep the player engaged in the game. For Star Wars: The Old Republic, they were going to do this with a Double XP event that will appeal to all the players around. However, things obviously did not go according to plan, the team was forced to postpone the event, but not without giving the players some good news as well.

We see that the team notes on their forum that there was a timeline conflict that led it is impossible for them to do the Double XP event. However, they did not completely cancel it, they will instead make it to launch on 12/12. More importantly, the team also pointed out that to honor those who were waiting for the event, they will be extending the event since it arrives until 1/1. This is actually twice the normal time of this event would’ve gone on.

All in all, you do not have to try and level up your character during a couple of busy weeks, insteadly, you will have the chance to play Star Wars: The Old Republic during the holiday season, and when you have more time to get more opportunities to help your character grow.

The players of the game are surprisingly positive to all of this, and even noticed that this delay will benefit those who leave on holidays. Not to mention, before the XP incident, there is a chance to make sure they have everything they need, so they will not miss out on any chance to do something.

So when you wait, be sure to check out everything the game can offer, or, wait for your chance to make this event work for you, it's your call. And please make sure to buy swtor credits on legal shop, like IGXE.


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