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Considering the Madden 18 Championship Series

Considering the Madden 18 Championship Series

Posted time: Jan 08,2018


The best competitors of Madden around the world are to battle for a piece of award pool along with the title of Madden 18 Champion. The competition this year characterizes the highest prize pool up to date while costing $1.153 million. The current and novice gamers can opt for buying cheap madden coins online to overcome the shortage of coins in the gameplay of NFL 18 Ultimate Team. 

arrangement of Madden Championship Series 

The MCS is consisted of three prime events of EA while characterizing top competitors of Madden. Players can go for qualifying based on playing online in one of three rated modes including MUT Champions, MUT Draft, and MUT Salary Cap. Alternatively, it is through sanctioned challenging events.  

The eligibility of participating in sanctioned Madden Championship Series, MCS occasions is that the participants are the residents of some specific countries. These are the United States of America, Canada (including Quebec), Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The residents are sixteen years or older and they can negotiate with all other eligibility needs that are defined in the formal tournament rules. An adult are to accompany the minors at sanctioned MCS events. 

The competitive platforms for a gamer for EA majors and Madden Championship are to be reckoned.  The platforms are Xbox One and Play station 4. The points of Madden Championship series are the ticket to Madden Ultimate League. They are prized to a competitor depended upon their optimum achievement within EA major incorporating Challenger events, online elimination or the Live Finals of an EA Major. When gamer finishes well, gamer is to gain more coins and there is a greater option of having a score of a piece of the $500,000 prize pool. Buy mut coins online. 

way of qualifying for the Madden Ultimate League 

The major two finishers at each EA Major is to gain an automatic berth to the Madden NFL 18 Championship other than their final point accumulation of MCS. Along with the six automatic berths, the next 10 optimum point accumulation is to be encouraged to the Madden Championship. Gamer is not to figure out a set doorsill of points needed. There is the some estimation of that threshold that is to be simple to predict after EA Major each. 

gaming modes for each EA Major 

Each EA Major is to apply only one gaming mode that is beginning in the Online Elimination all through the conclusion of the competition.  Gamers can find the following modes here. 

Madden Classic indicates that there is head to head online or equivalent.  Play now comes out as the local play mode that does not need any online connectivity. Madden Challenge as MUT Draft is previously known as Draft Champions. The other mode is Madden NFL Club Championship as MUT Salary Cap. Similarly, Madden Ultimate League as MUT Salary Cap is also incorporated. 

All EA majors are to introduce the qualification patch to the Online Elimination round through an interchanging game mode along with the primary gaming mode. Opting for Madden 18 Coins helps gamer find the early edge in the gameplay of NFL 18 Ultimate Team fast in comparable to the other players in the game. 


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