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Best Time To Join Star Wars: The Old Republic Now?

Best Time To Join Star Wars: The Old Republic Now?

Posted time: Nov 23,2017


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a very interesting game to read the history. Because it is an MMORPG based on “The Old Republic” timeline that developer Bioware created for its Knights of the Old Republic games. Although the concept of a Star Wars MMORPG is not new (Galaxies was the first one), the game has much greater potential because of Bioware. However, this decision was made that kind of made it polarizing to players, some of which persist to today.

Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic has undergone a major change, as it had its servers integrated into the world's top five main servers. However, some people may think this is bad, while others regard it as a chance. Mainly for a great opportunity to participate in the game for the first time, or rejoin the game after a long time. Redditor Brajik heraldes this view.

Because in Brajik's mind, it is really the best time to join now, especially if you are a novice. The game is rich in content, covering many years of updates and extensions. More importantly, due to the server merge, there will be a lot of other people you can mingle with, make guilds with, and more. In addition, you can buy swtor credits and explore the “galaxy far, far away” and see some classic locations along with new ones.

He made some interesting points, the main one of which is the craze of other players due to the server mergings. And as pointed out by other Redditors, there is fun to be had with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some people suggest though that you find a “mentor” to guide you in the early goings so you will not feel overwhelmed.

Although some people quickly noticed that even with these changes, it’s not enough to save the game. However, as Brajik wisely noted, you do not know for sure what you think until you play it yourself.


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