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NBA 2K18 Executives Are Aware Of Your Microtransaction Concerns

NBA 2K18 Executives Are Aware Of Your Microtransaction Concerns

Posted time: Nov 15,2017


According to the Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, NBA 2K18 has achieved great success in almost every aspect. At a conference call earlier this week, Zelnick revealed that the NBA2K18 has sold more than $ 6 million, much surpassing the NBA 2K17 sales by this time last year. Beyond the original sales figures, Zelnick added that “people vote ultimately with the usage. And the usage on this title is up 30 percent in terms of average daily users.”

The NBA 2K18's great marketing must take some credit for their impressive sales data, but no matter how many NBA players tweet about NBA 2K18 on a nightly basis, it is a good basketball video game. NBA 2K just sell a good product for fans.

Despite the effects of the game, many long-time users have been very vocal online about NBA 2K18‘s robust microtransaction system, which is in trouble throughout the new MyCareer mode. We talked about this in our reviews, but the complaint is that the MyCareer model for the NBA 2K18 is too dependent on spending money outside of your original $60 to really get the complete experience. 

NBA 2K18 has made some changes in this regard. Within a few days of its release, NBA 2K cut the cost of some aesthetic upgrades, such as haircuts, coloring and facial hair, but some NBA 2K fans are not satisfied.

The good news is that, according to Zelnick, NBA 2K is listening to your complaints, acknowledging that “there has been some pushback about monetization in the industry.” Zelnick later stated, “we are concerned about any perception, any negative feedback .. and we’re taking it really seriously.”

Zelnick will not reveal more changes to how microtransactions are being utilized in NBA 2K18 are coming, but this is a step in the right direction and fully recognizes that your voices are being heard. If the developers behind the NBA 2K do not address these issues in NBA 2K 18, at the very least, it's hard to imagine that NBA 2K19 will be as microtransaction heavy as NBA 2K18, considering all the feedback they receive. It's a win for everyone.

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