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Patch 4.1 - The Legend Returns Finally Arrives, Adding New Quests, Raid To Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 4.1 - The Legend Returns Finally Arrives, Adding New Quests, Raid To Final Fantasy XIV

Posted time: Oct 11,2017


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1, titled 'The Legend Returns', finally arrives, with adding a plethora of content that ranges from new story missions to another challenging raid. It should be the first major update since the launch of the “Stormblood” expansion, which contains a number of new quests, a treasure hunt, a new housing area, improvements to PvP, new items, guildleves, and other, smaller updates. In addition, several performance updates have been applied as well as bugs fixed.

Those who have followed the main storyline of the game or the main scenario quests (MSQs) will have even more discoveries. The update includes 14 additional missions, but you need to reach the level cap of 70 to taje them on. Once you have done with those, you can find more about the world around you and the new quests. These  range from more installments in the Chronicles of a New Era quest line to another hilarious chapter in the adventures of Hildibrand Manderville, inspector extraordinaire.

In the past, you can recruit non-playable roles (NPCs) from the Grand Company affiliated with you and send them out on missions. With this update, you can now join your AI-controlled comrades in commanding missions. As the name suggests, you will be responsible for a group of three NPCs to whom you can make an order when exploring a dungeon full of dangerous enemies.

As usual, there are more activities for you to work with other human players. There is a new Treasure Hunt available, which means that you have to once again defeat the stubborn enemy creatures to unearth valuable loot. You can also test your skills as a team in the new dungeon, the Drowned City of Skalla, or take down a difficult boss in the Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain trial. For the ultimate challenge, you can gather your allies and try new raids. The contents of the The Royal City of Rabanastre raid was penned by Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII director Yasumi Matsuno,  and it will take you back to the world of Ivalice.

If you are part of a Free Company, a.k.a a guild, you may want to check out some new housing options in the Shirogane area. Other features in the update include new consumable items, cosmetic options for your character, emotes, and furnishings. In addition, for different classes, there will be new and tweaked abilities, which will affect the way you fight with other players or NPCs.

For detailed and lengthy release notes, please visit the Lodestone website. You can try the online experience for free up to level 35, and if you like it, you can upgrade to the Complete Edition, which includes the basic game plus two expansions ("Heavensward" and "Stormblood") for $ 60. "Stormblood" can also be purchased separately, the price is $ 40.

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