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The adjustment of Madden Ultimate Team

The adjustment of Madden Ultimate Team

Posted time: Oct 10,2017


Gamers can find some great development blogs while talking about new traits and game modes. These are to arrive to Madden 18. Until date, there is no discussion about basic difference and Madden Ultimate Team this year. If a gamer can find one thing that brings much pride as it is to hear about the community. Game developer took massive comments during the previous year and game developer addressed huge concerns from the Madden Community.  It is better to get into it and begin to talk about these alterations.  Buy madden coins from the professional online coin seller to seize the upper hand in the very beginning of the game. Coin is the in-game currency of Madden 18 Ultimate Team.  

One of the discussions for Madden NFL 18 is Player OVR.  Perhaps, the number one piece of feedback was the unavailability of sufficient individual ranking enhancement to justify a two-to-three point OVR jump. This made players interpret, as they could not tell much of a diversification while playing with the upgraded player. Addressing the issue, game developer had to come back and alter the player OVR formula.  It is not simple to narrate the alterations that were prepared. However, here is the usual direction the developer got into. In the easiest terms, player OVR is calculated in an identical path that the salary cap value is. Each position does have a formula that catered specifically for it. From this point, the game developer identified the ratings that indicate the most at each position and it is to assign a weight to them.  Buying cheap madden 18 coins online helps gamer start customizing the players fast in comparable to other players.  

These all actually indicate that it is to bring more enhancements of individual ranking to increase OVR of player.  Game developer liked a one-point OVR enhancement to sense like a prime difference in performance. Due to this, gamer is to find lower individual rankings in the very beginning of the year. The benefits of this OVR philosophy shift actually appear while factoring in how much better a player is to feel after an enhancement in OVR. In a later part of the year, the OVR of player begins to be a little higher. It is to go back at Madden 17 to have a glance at an example. 

Julio Jones did have a 94 OVR Man of the Month. If a gamer was to publicize his accurate rankings into Madden 18, he might only be a 93 OVR. Now, gamer can find a hypothetical 94 OVR of Julio Jones. Madden 18 Coins are available at the professional online gaming house now. 

Ratings              Madden 17     Madden 18

OVR                       94                  94
Strength                 75                  75
Speed                     91                  92
Acceleration            90                 91
Agility                     92                  93
Jumping                  93                 94
Catching                 92                  93
Spec Catch              93                 95
Route Running        89                 92
Catch in Traffic       92                  94
Release                 91                   92
Spin Move             80                   80
Stiff Arm               76                    76
Juke Move            79                   79
Run Block             56                   56

It is an example and the comparison occurs with Le'Veon Bell with 99 OVR. Keep update with mut 18 coins online and the latest news of MUT 18.

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