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Madden NFL 18: New Features

Madden NFL 18: New Features

Posted time: Sep 06,2017


Yes, the football season may have just started in the UK, but in the pond, there are some differences: the football season is about to begin. Not the one with feet or balls, mind you, but one even more complicated and technical, a sport in which “PA Max Protect” actually means something.

For a new player, the prospect of playing Madden NFL 18 may seem a lillte daunting, as the game is full of technical terms, but - the same with the previous iterations - this year's version is excellent at breaking in rookies and showing them the ropes of America’s favourite sport (hopefully soon to be replaced by human curling). Madden's Skills Trainer is full of tutorials ranging from the absolute knowledge to the most complicated exercises that can make myself a tactical planner finally.

Not only that, but the trainer itself is also integrated into other modes. The Franchise mode, in which you can act as a player, coach or owner of any team, uses the Skill Trainer Tutorial as a weekly training exercise, while the story-based Longshot mode - a Madden version of FIFA 17's The Journey mode - is also full of teachings.

New feature of this year's Madden is the ability to choose one of three different play styles that can influence the game: Arcade mode prioritises scoring and makes running with the ball and tackling easier, Simulation mode is driven by a mix of player ratings and user skill, while Competitive mode emphasises user skill almost entirely. While the Madden NFL 18 is pretty excellent for the rookies, but experienced veterans are still catered for.

However, there are not much real change in the aspect of the in-game mechanics. The only major change from the previous Madden game is the introduction of the Target Passing mechanic, which allows you to aim at your shots more accurately by holding L2. This is a good addition, but we have seldom used it, and while the gameplay is by no means bad - in fact, the crunching tackles and responsive controls are very good - we couldn’t help but feel that gameplay-wise, EA trod water this year.

The same can be said of the whole Madden Ultimate Team. As they focus on single-player challenges and their hands-off approach to team building - you can simply let the computer choose your squad without any worries about it - it's still both an attractive option for newcomers and a fun experience for die-hard fans. The new MUT Squads mode, in which you team up with two other players and play the roles of Head Coach, Offensive Captain, and Defensive Captain, is also a fun romp with friends, though harder to play with random players due to the importance of communication.

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