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Thing You Did Not Know About Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team

Thing You Did Not Know About Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team

Posted time: Jul 28,2017


There has been a lot of excitement about the NFL 18 Ultimate Team lately, especially after EA announced Tom Brady as the cover athlete. However, there is a lot that we do not know about the NFL 18 Ultimate team, and here are a few things you should know.

1. Enhanced Graphics - here is where you will see the real impact of Frostbite, if you have seen the off screen video you will be able to tell that the video looks much cleaner and crispier. So just imagine what it would look like when you own it.

2. More about the Longshot - in simple words longshot is an origin story. So you will be able to experience both high school and football elements in the game. You can expect this mode to be story driven, and packed with an alternative Madden experience. One thing is for sure, it's nothing like what you have played before.

3. Multiple Endings - to make things interesting they have kept multiple endings to the Longshot game play. So your Wade might not achieve his dreams, and it will depend entirely on you. Fortunately, you can play it again to help him achieve his end goal. And you can make it better with the Madden Coins.

4. MUT Cards - if you like you can use the MUT cards to unlock Wade and other characters present in the story mode. However, unlocking the characters will depend on your Longshot story outcome.

5. Passing - they have finally added a target passing method, and the fans are thrilled! From what we can tell, we feel it has been implemented perfectly. Now, players can use target  passing and throw the ball in a spot. This has made the game look much more realistic, and a bit challenging. However, the feature is optional so you do not have to worry too much about it, if you can't get the hang of it. So grab your NFL 18 coins and start playing.

6. Better Coverage - the have improved the coverage a great deal, and according to sources the new improved coverage will offer zone coverage. In addition, the zone discipline will extend to the players. And defenders will stick to the assigned place. And players asked to cover the mid-range will also be covering their area. So it is safe to say there will no no more clutters.

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