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Expansion Specifics for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Expansion Specifics for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Posted time: May 08,2017

5.8 Stormblood-FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is preparing to release its newest expansion, Stormblood, next month.

The players have conquered the troubles of Ishgard, now it is almost the time to move on the next chapter of the Final Fantasy XIV world. We have seen the stars of Astrologian, conquered the darkness of the Dark Knight, and riddled foes with bullets from a Machinist’s arm. Square Enix continues to provide information about the new expansion, and a recent live letter gives us more reason to be hype for Stormblood.

In a report by RPG Fan, director and producer Yoshida had ordered the 35th "producer LIVE" event on Friday. Perhaps the biggest exposure of Stormblood and the content it involves, fans and players can get a wealth of information. While the details of the animations and craftsmen are still a mystery, the various media show us what kind of ability each class will gain in the new adventure.

Stormblood's biggest feature is the increase in level cap from 60 to 70. This is not new information, but "Yoshi P" - Yoshino Tokiko's nickname - shows a lot of new animations. The Benchmark Trailer is designed to show players how their PCs will be executed under the new extended settings, showing new features that we have not yet received full details. From the Ninja class performance, it seems that a call of the Dark Knight, to further protect allies and shields buff, the final fantasy XIV will be its core elements of large-scale overhaul.

Another large feature of Stormblood will involve housing on newly expanded land. At some point in the future, the new district Shirogane will be available to the players. It is said that the housing block is not available on the first day, so the pressure of the game will not be high. However, it goes without saying that when Shirogane's door opens to a block that can be purchased, the server can predict a lot of traffic.

Final Fantasy XIV's inventory space will increase as Stormblood appears. Yoshi P has shown us 40 slots of inventory, and the arsenal will increase from 25 slots to 35 slots. With the players have many glamor and novelty items, this is a popular change in the struggle to keep the players in keeping, selling or discarding.

Fishing and gathering will also appear again in Stormblood. With the 4.0 patch will bring the game, the player will be able to swim in the final fantasy XIV for the first time. Fishing will be done using spears, and collectors will be able to collect materials underwater. The benchmark also shows the underwater installation, better access to underwater travel. In addition, as the player progresses through the new content, Mounts will accept the upgrade. This may mean accelerating the upgrade to new and existing installations.

According to MMORPG, Yoshi can use the text of the priestly therapist to solve the problem. Pastor positions have been controversial for months, and Stormblood can reflect changes that have changed or completely eliminated this ability. Benchmarks show that tank capacity seems to be turning into greater support, although it can only be speculated.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will be released on June 20 this year. If you pre-order the game, you will be able to enter the early access to the expansion starting June 16. And you can order FFXIV Gil on igxe.com with very low price and instant delivery!

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