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Release Date, Features & Other Details Of the NHL 18 Ultimate Team

Release Date, Features & Other Details Of the NHL 18 Ultimate Team

Posted time: May 03,2017


As we know, EA Sports is working on NHL 18 and trying to releasing it out later in 2017. We could not play the NHL 18 gameplay before its release, but we can see an NHL 18 beta or demo in advance. 

In late April, the NHL 18 survey outlined the new NHL 18 features, including a new 3 v 3 mode, upgraded dekes and more, giving us more insight into the game. Below is the breakdown of NHL 18 release date details.

NHL 18 Release Date

The NHL 18 is expected to be released on September 12th or a little earlier on September 5th maybe. But it is likely that the new NHL game will arrive on the second Tuesday of September, the same as traditionally release date. But NHL 17 and NHL 16 both arrived in September around the middle of the month. So there is no exact time when we can see the new NHL game, but EA typically sticks to a schedule since it is roughly two weeks after the Madden 18 release date and two weeks before the FIFA 18 release date.

NHL 18 Gameplay & Screenshot

We know that there is no NHL 18 play early option on EA Play, but it is likely that you will see NHL 18 game video and screenshots in EA Play as part of the E3 event. There is the opportunity to see the details of NHL 18 announced before the event. We may see early NHL 18 trailers in late April or even early May to outline a specific new feature.

NHL 18 Demo & Beta

Although EA Sports no longer offers Madden presentations, the company often offers presentations, and we've seen many NHL versions. It is expected that the NHL 18 beta will be available in late July or early August, allowing players to gesture with limited options and parts of the new NHL game. NHL 18 release date two to three weeks before the NHL 18 demo will have a good chance. EA Access subscribers will be able to play NHL 18 five days in advance, which may take 10 hours of game time at no additional cost.

NHL 18 Graphics

There is no evidence that NHL 18 will turn to Frostbite this year. This is the graphics engine for FIFA 18 and Battlefield 1. EA switched Madden 18 to Frostbite this year, and two years ago we saw a major NHL reform, so EA had the opportunity to better manage the project. Even if you do not completely switch to frozen for NHL 18, you can expect graphics to improve and may look better at games on PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

NHL 18 Features

We now know some of the potential NHL 18 features, thanks to the players sent to the players to investigate. This includes NHL Threes, a 3-by-3 timeout hockey-style game that looks like it can bring more arcade-like mode to the game. NHL Threes has a variety of NHL 18 game modes, you can play with friends or competition network, there are challenges to be completed.

NHL 18 has a new deke, allowing you to better freeze the goalkeeper and hit the lens in the clutch case. You can also string these strings together for efficient movement. From a defensive point of view, look for defensive skills to control rods to better control poke, and choose to keep your stick extended and perform stick sweep.

You will also experience the upgraded AI in the NHL 18, which will help your teammates to act in a more useful way. This includes CPU control access with the same jump, pass and defense tools you can use.

NHL 18 has increased the expansion to franchise mode, you can control the thirty-first NHL team, Las Vegas Golden Knight. You can play ice like a real team, and you can also draft your own 32th, NHL team. If you do your own team, you can set up logos, jerseys, mascots and arena.

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