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Star Wars:The Old Republic Operations Come Back in Update 5.2 The War for Iokath

Star Wars:The Old Republic Operations Come Back in Update 5.2 The War for Iokath

Posted time: Apr 20,2017

Game Update 5.2: The War for Iokath, the second major update released this year for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is one of the most significant updates to be released for the game during some time.

4.20 Star Wars The Old Republic Operations Return in Update 5.2 The War for Iokath

The War for Iokath, as you might imagine, was set on the planet of Iokath, an obstacle that played a key role in the story of SWTOR expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. With the KOTET event coming to an end, the original struggle between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic is  being brought back into focus, and when the super weapon is found on the planet, players can choose one side. Both factions are trying to control the weapon to use it to fight against the enemy's decisive blow, and the choices you make here will be kept with the story of Star Wars: Old Republic. Old allies like Malavai Quinn (Sith Warrior) and Elara Dorne (Republic Trooper) will come back as part of this story, and yes, if you take them as part of your origin story, you can continue your romances with them.

After completed the non-repeatable story content on Iokath, a new daily area will open up. Even though this story will remember your factional selection, and it also can switch factions once everyday in the new daily area so that you can work with friends (current grouping restrictions still apply) who may have chosen different faction stories. Or if you are a completionist, to complete these two new reputation tracks. In the daily area of Iokath you can get special currencies to buy consumables, which allow you to control walkers, stationary turrets, mouse droids, and monitor droids. Yes, that means you can accomplish your daily tasks as a walker, or even do walker vs. walker PvP if you’re flagged or switch to the PvP instance of the zone.

Gods From the Machine, the first new Operation added to SWTOR since the release of Temple of Sacrifice with the Shadow of Revan expansion in December 2014, is the real star of the update.  And update 5.2 will only include the first (of five) of the Operation’s bosses, although the remaining four will be added to the game via subsequent updates which will be released throughout the rest of 2017. For now, you’ll face off against Tyth, the God of Rage, available in story and veteran difficulty modes for teams of eight or sixteen players. Once the next boss in operation is released to the real-time server, the master mode will be unlocked. Tyth has been on PTS for a while now and there's already a lot of information and video to help you solve the problem after next Tuesday's update. In addition to the new Operation, 5.2 will unlock master mode for all 10 of SWTOR’s Uprisings, so there should be a lot of new and challenging content for players to work on.

Galactic Command also gets some serious love in 5.2. With the updated release, the current (boosted) GXP rate of the field service will be the new benchmark rate. You may notice that you’re getting slightly less GXP in 5.2 than you are now for the same activities, but this is made up by the fact that the enemies in the game now grant GXP. And ultimately it should be the same as the currently boosted rate. When you rise up the GC ranks, GC crates will also improve in quality and you will have a better chance to find the set bonus gear. Ops boss will also guarantee drops of Unassembled Gear.

Finally, there is a new Galaxy Map in 5.2. The new map is easier to understand and navigate, but most importantly, you can access it from anywhere in the game world, allowing quick access to places where you can currently fly through the map your ship. This should make things around the game less tedious.

What’s your idea about the additions and changes coming with Game Update 5.2: The War for Iokath? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and welcome to read more about the SWTOR News on igxe.com.

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