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Star Wars: The Old Republic : The War of Iokath update launches on April 11

Star Wars: The Old Republic : The War of Iokath update launches on April 11

Posted time: Apr 11,2017


There has been an awakening in the Force. Launching on April 11, the War for Iokath update for Star Wars: The Old Republic hopes to be able to lead the players back to its battlegrounds. As a new feature of an indescribable force, it was discovered on the planet of Iokath that the players must join the Republic or the Empire as the two factions race to capture the deadly device.

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A planet full of advanced ancient technology, Iokath is not padawans place, so if players want to participate in new content, they must reach at level 70. The main storyline will be the ally of the Republic meeting up with former companion and Republic Trooper Elara Dorne, while those who are friendly to the Empire will meet Sith Warrior and ex-compatriot Malavai Quinn. These old friends will fight with you during this new adventure, but when you explore Iokath, you will expect friendship to be tested.

The storyline eventually led to a new Operation, and it saw the players fighting against the menacing machine god, Tyth. A super metal monster 
that protects the super weapons, this Operation will be available in both Story and Hard modes, with super-challenging Master Mode variant coming soon after. In addition to the main story content, Iokath also has a daily venue where players can repeat previous combat missions to unlock new armor, vehicles and even in-game pets.

Besides being level 70, the players who want to play through this new content must also access to the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. If you are free to play SWTOR users, this means subscribing to Premium, and Premium members should be nice to go after the update drops on April 11.

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