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Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Expect To Detail Content About The Upcoming Season 08

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Expect To Detail Content About The Upcoming Season 08

Posted time: Mar 29,2017


For MMORPGs such as Star Wars: The Old Republic,the upcoming information, or even the information which is coming finally, it is a big thing for players. After all, they want to know what to expect, so they have the passion and desire to keep playing the game, which is one of the most difficult things to do nowadays. For many MMORPGs, they break the main content updates into "season", in which way players can expect certain things, and then when the season ends, the developer can take a break to work on the next one. 

However, for a period of time now, there still has not been anything from the developer Bioware about the upcoming Season 08, or even when will it be arriving, if at all. This seems to cause the players getting worried and anxious.

"So Bioware has been completely silent for the Season 08 now for a long time.Can we get any information about what's happening, or at least an confirmation of the existence of the seasons?" The player SilverStarSeeker asked.

Other fans are also eagerly waiting for information, for some people, the lack of information is so boring to them, and a direct contradiction to what Bioware promised them.

"I found the most angry the fact that Bioware once again promised shorter seasons and lied again," DerSchneider said, "almost four months, and absolutely no information about the rewards and the ending date."

For others, they just want to see a simple improvement to Star Wars: The Old Republic to be done, such as updating the ranklist of the game.

Though some people are not sympathetic to these players, as some people point out that no matter how Bioware reveals, or adds to the game, the community will complain about everything. Or even accurately explain what will happen from the beginning to the end of the season.

Anyway, the fans will be awaiting for the new things to do in the Star Wars: The Old Republic until the new season is announced and detailed. Read more on igxe.com and buy cheap swtor credits online!


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