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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gamer Sets Up Unique "FOTM" Tournament

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gamer Sets Up Unique "FOTM" Tournament

Posted time: Mar 20,2017

3.20 Star Wars The Old Republic Player Sets Up Unique FOTM Tournament

PvP is a dual-edged sword when it comes to MMORPGs. On one hand, it is an established part of the genre, and a lot of players enjoy it and play certain games specifically for it. However, if it can not be handled correctly, then it will soon become troubles to players.  Several MMORPGs suffer from this, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, is one of them in many players' eyes. However, one player is aiming to rise above what is considered “standard” and deliver a true PvP tournament. One that is fair, and only based on skill.

This comes from CaseyMRiley, also known as Razinon, a long-term Star Wars: Old Republic player. He watched the high and low points of PVP, and he was tired of the game in the tournament set. Mainly, to him, the official game tournament is not about skill. On the contrary, it is about luck and seeding, because some classes dominate others without much effort. So even if you are a good player of a certain class, you can end up in an unfavorable class match up, and you’re going to lose.

Therefore, Razinon created the FOTM (or Flavor of the Month) tournament. Its premise is very simple. Only one class will be able to enter. In this case, it will be Mercenaries/Commandoes. In that way, it’s all about the skill player has with their character and that class, and no other factors.

Now, even with the class restrictions, there are other rules. Some items are not allowed in the tournament, anyone who violates these rules will be kicked out of it. The championship prize for this tournament is 40 million credits. To enter, you must promise 500 thousand credits and publish in the thread that you want to take part in.

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