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Final Fantasy XIV Alters Its Diadem To Bring New Content To Exploratory Missions

Final Fantasy XIV Alters Its Diadem To Bring New Content To Exploratory Missions

Posted time: Mar 16,2017

3.16 Final Fantasy XIV Revamps Its Diadem To Bring New Content To Exploratory Missions

The Patch 3.55b of Final Fantasy XIV has recently been on the line, bringing with a modified Diadem. The initial Diadem exploratory missions was released in patch 3.1, back in November of 2015. Now the new version of the area has brought with many new changes.

First of all, players can access the Diadem by having completed the “Heavensward” main scenario quest first, and then by either entering via Free Company workshops or by speaking to the NPC Aurvael in the Pillars. Players who had unlocked the Diadem previously do not need to do it again.

There are two types of missions that players can choose to board in the Diadem. First of all, Trials of the Fury are designed for Disciples of War and Magic, while the Trials of the Matron was suitable for the gathering classes of Disciples of the Land.

The Flying mounts are available immediately after entering into the Diadem, and unlike the first iteration, a certain amount of Ethernet current needs to be found before the flight was possible.

By completing the party's specific goals and participating in FATEs whilst in the Diadem, players will get the lock boxes and other rewards. In addition, the complete completion of your goal will grant access to the gap, transport the player to previously unable to access the map, where more reward await.

Another new addition to the improved Diadem comes in the form of Emergency Missions. Emergency Missions have the ability to appear occasionally during the quest missions, and all players present in the area need to win large-scale battle. Upon victory, highly-coveted items will be randomly rewarded to a player. However, players who fail to participate in the battle will not have the opportunity to achieve the reward.

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