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What We Wish To See In Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood Expansion?

What We Wish To See In Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood Expansion?

Posted time: Mar 07,2017

3.7 ffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV has lasted for more than three years and has an extended and stable patch to add more content to its more than 6 million player base to enjoy. We already know that MMO's second expansion of Stormblood will arrive on June 20, including a wide range of levels to 70, two new jobs, a new hub city on the Far East continent and so on.

Despite knowing a lot of expectations, there are still a lot of what we have not found about the content of the extension, and it will be updated by posting content. These are what we want to see in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Large Areas to Explore

As a set of interconnected areas, load the screen to separate them, 2.0 for the final Fantasy XIV feel enough for yourself. Then we were surprised that the first expansion of the game in Heavensward was a great, fully explorable and flyable place. According to the geographic information we provided for Eorzea, the size of Ala Mhigo alone and Ishgard alone, Doma basically doubled. This means that we not only want to see the new central city of Kugane, but Ala Mhigo has its own center to explore at the beginning of the expanded story and then sail across the sea in the second half.

This will allow the game to have more changing environments as well as expand the world with unfamiliar locations to host all the new content.

A Robust Underwater Element

Speaking of exploration, we now know that Stormblood will add swimming and diving to the MMO. While we are not clear if this will be a barebones supplement, we can always hope it is bigger as in the case of Guild Wars 2. Even interesting is to see underwater specific mounts that you can ride while searching for deep sea. Exclusive diving fighting and skill will add more strategies and changes. Finally, to achieve through, even underwater fighting to the junk will swing things, surprise fans. There are countless scenes, such as swimming over activation during the boss battle, which can add to the depth.

New Summons

The Summoner and scholar's work, from the Arcanist class, are the most unique work in the game, not only with the ability to level, so allow players to have DPS and therapist class, but can summon pets to help fight. These beloved pets are so respected by the players, Square Enix has recently added additional glamors to their abilities, much like armor, changing their appearance, previous pets, and even a completely different.

As an integral part of these classes, it is necessary that Stormblood features a lot of requests for new pet summons. Paradise is unfortunately missing this addition, so the upcoming expansion can be remedied, at least one new pet for two classes.

A New Healer Or Tank

The comment is likely to have erupted wwith "but they’ve already announced two new jobs!" It was great, but Heavensward featured three new jobs that added all three main roles: DPS, Tank and Healer. The current work is declared warrior and red Master, are DPS. This left two unfortunate vacancies in the other two roles, both of which have already lacked the number of opponents compared to their damage.

The introduction of at least one tank and / or healer during the expansion will be the best interest in Square Enix.

A Switch Version

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida's recent statement shows that the MMO's Switch port is a possibility. Obviously, it depends on whether Nintendo is willing to allow cross-platform games with PS4 and PC, but it is the best interest .Dragon Quest X, another new MMO of Square Enix has come later this year, so this is of course A reasonable possibility. Releasing a version of Final Fantasy XIV is done with heaven and Stormblood if and when it launches will be the best way to not only bring a brand new player but also give great value to it too.

These are what we need most for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. What you want to see in the expansion when it releases on June 20th? Let us know by comment belowo or cisit our professional site igxe.com to read mroe and buy cheap ffxiv gil there online.

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