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Time For Star Wars: The Old Republic Servers To Merge?

Time For Star Wars: The Old Republic Servers To Merge?

Posted time: Mar 01,2017

/3.1 swtor servers combine 1

In the online game, mainly MMORPGs and MMOs, most of the time you will not play on the singular game world. In fact, you play on a server, which has limits on how many players can play at a time. While this may sounds strange, this is actually for the benefit of the players, because too many people in the online game may lead to lag and other problems no one wants. Many servers are created to accommodate potential players who may be playing the game. However, there is a catch to that, Star Wars: The Old Republic players are calling it.

For the capture is that with so many servers, there’s a potential for the server to be “dead” in regards to how many people actually play on it. Now, this is rarely a problem in early high-profile games like Star Wars:  The Old Republic. However, as time goes on, interest disappears, and people leave, this “dead server” issue actually becomes a problem.

/3.1 swtor servers combine 2.

The Solo story content is not affected by this, but, as a lot of players have noticed, PVP and PVE are greatly affected. As one player said:

“I play on “The Bastion” and it is beyond dead. There has not been a PVP war zone pop in about 4 months. Every instance I go int shows I am the only one here unless I am grouped with a guldie.”

Other players claim that many other servers also have this problem, and therefore require Bioware to combine servers so that there are more active games though they like PVP experience, or just play with other players online.

In fact, Star Wars: the old Republic players have held a vote, and voting more than 200 votes that should be combined server. Only 18 said should not be. Whether this happens is unclear, but if the player continues for it, it may happen.

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