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Star Wars: The Old Republic Component Rates Updates

Star Wars: The Old Republic Component Rates Updates

Posted time: Feb 27,2017

/2.27 swtor Updates Component Rates

Star Wars: The Old Republic is stepping up to renew 5.1.2 on February 28th. There will be a lot of new changes coming to the game, including raising the price of the Unassembled Components.

If you get a Warzone Win, you'll acquire 8 components instead of three. In a Warzone Loss, you will get 3 instead of 2. In an Arena Win, you will get 4 instead of 3. In a Solo Ranked Win, you will get 8 instead of 5, and while in a Solo Ranked Loss, you will get 3 instead of 2. A Group Ranked Win will make you get 10 instead of 8, and a Group Ranked Loss will get you 4 instead of 3. However, a GSF Win, will still make you 8, while the GSF loss will still get you 3.

Very interesting is that the PVP Missions in Star Wars: Old Republic do not grant Unassembled Components as a reward. However, by updating 5.1.2, the situation will no longer be the case. Warzone Daily will give you 12 components, and Warzone Weekly can get you 40. Solo Ranking gets 16 per day, Solo Ranked Weekly gets you 30 at the same time.  Group Ranked Solo will win 20, while the Group Ranked wins you 60 per week.

/2.27 star-wars1

Remember that these are just some part of the changes that will be made to update 5.1.2. The following are some other ones.

Firstly, they are rebalancing the CXP bonus that you earned from the Operations, and Boss Kills will now get more CXP awards than ever before. In addition, CXP's reward for running weekly also increased. Developers pointed out that CXP for Operations is lower than they ever think it should be, so both the game and mission CXP awards will also be increased.

For those users who use the Group Finder, some Daily CXP awards will be included in the update. To add that if you complete the Daily Grop Finder Bonus, you will get more CXP.

On February 28th, you’ll have the chance to grow your characters even further in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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